Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Welcome to my world of Kids Birthday Party Ideas!

I'm going to help you make your kid birthday party easy to prepare, easy on the budget but also fun and definitely a party that the kids will remember. Kids parties are what I love to do!

If this is your first go at throwing a birthday party, then I am going to show you how to do it easily, cheaply and with minimal stress. 

And if you have thrown a few birthday parties already and are looking for new kids birthday party ideas, well I have no shortage of kids party themes, party games, kids party food, entertainment plus lots of teen birthday party ideas and games too.

Your Kids Birthday Party Ideas Start Here!

You can mix and match any of my kids party ideas so that they suit you, your child, your budget and your theme if you are having one. 

All my party themes come with suitable games, decoration ideas, what food you can prepare and how to keep the kids occupied.

My Biggest Tip: Don't worry and feel that everything has to be perfect. Kids love a birthday party no matter how simple or how much time and money you have spent.  A birthday party is meant to be FUN and yes, you can do it!

Did you know....

The tradition of birthday parties started in Europe many years ago when it was feared that evil spirits were particularly attracted to people on their birthdays. To protect them from harm, friends and family would visit the birthday person and bring good thoughts, wishes and gifts to help ward off the evil spirits. This was to be the start of birthday parties. 

At first it was only kings who were recognized as important enough to have a birthday celebration (maybe this is how the tradition of birthday crowns began?). As time went by, children became included in birthday celebrations. The first children's birthday parties occurred in Germany and were called Kinderfeste. How to say "Happy Birthday" in different languages.

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