by Crystal 12 year old from 21st october 09

This year for my 12th i am havig a small sleepover. 3 of my bff's comin.

We ar watcing movies for a bit of the night then going to camp out for the night. We are going to play some really fun games. One of my fav party games is to put dares into balloons then blow them up. Once everyone gets to the party pop them and do our dare SO COOL!!.....lol

Also just to have some fun before it gets dark we are going to get dressed in our pyjama's and walk down the main street. I live in the country so there is only about 100 people here.

If you have any other ideas for me that you thik ight be good please tell me. Also i dont want to spend to much on my party due to me having a disco sort of party with about 15 people at most.

Also again wit the world economy we arn't all millionaires. so if you are suggestng a mega bucks party...please dont but anyway thanx hope my party turns out to be a great night with my bff's

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Jul 05, 2011
awesome idea
by: Anonymous

great balloon idea

Jul 31, 2010
by: ginavg

heyy um i think your ideas r awesome nd that your party will turn out to be awesome but i have one suggestion my suggestion is maybe u could pick a theme for ur party and once u do u can go to the pet store and by some cheap goldfish then u can set up a poster board with x and o there would be three o's behind blue paper nd 12 x's behind blue paper whoever turns over an o would get a goldfish to take home as a party favor!!!! i totally under stand iff u dont like my idea just be honest it was just an idea i thought u would like lol byess

Jul 08, 2010
by: M8K

thanks so much for the party ideas im going to have a halloween party and sleepover with about 10-15 ppl for the party then my bff and my other close friend will be staying for the night we defo will be doing the bloons and dare thing and ur so cool defo going out on halloween dressed in our pjs perfect ideas
once again
thank you so much xx

Jun 05, 2010
my 12th bday
by: dancer101

i luv dis idea of the balloons and dares im so using that for my party

Jun 01, 2010
My Friends
by: Awsome Aussie

hi, i am planing to have a party soon, but the REAL problem is friends. i am having a sleepover and can only invite 6 friends but i dont know which ones 2 choose. Some plp have told me 2 choose the closest but they r all SOO close!! i have this 1 friend that is a bit boring and not REAL fun and i only liked her because me and my friend felt sorry for her but i dont know if i should invite her because i am inviting plp from my old school and i dont think they would like her. any suggestions???
p.s i am having carnival games for it 2. any games u know that r cheap and easy to set up?? thanx really aprechiate it :)

May 24, 2010
by: Awsomeaussie

hi, yeh i am having my 12th bday soon it might sound lame but i am thinking bout having a Carnival themed for a while and then a sleepovr, for the carnival thing i was thinking bout having little stalls in my backyard and yeh like darts and coin toss ad stuff we did that at my skool once SO AWSOME !!! my mates think its cool and yeh ,this year also i did'nt want my mum speneding like 300 bucks for my party so i am gonna save up, if u dudes having any suggestions my bdays sptember so write down those suggestions plz, by the way I AM A TOMBOYISH NO GIRLY STUFF YUCK!!!! thanx dudes awsomeaussie

May 19, 2010
my sleepover
by: lucy

do u waht a party that u will never forget and all friends will love well he is a good iead.its my bday agina i am having a sleepover . we went to paint and potrey and made t_shirt then back to my house to have pizza hut we watch 11 movies we did blind floder mackover did our hair and nails the read mag and talked and listen to muisc went on the laptop made bags pufem (from a kit) played trueth or dare we went to bed at 2 in the morning lol then after breakfast they went home . a good iead to fill the bags with bild floders ,nootbook and pen, kigring ,mack up,cream,ballon,bactel, choclate ,sweets have anice party i hopr your friends will like it like my friends did

May 06, 2010
cool ideas
by: singasongwrita

luv the balloon idea . . . definitely doin that for my 13th!

Apr 06, 2010
my 12 is girls night out
by: Anonymous

okay so i have a birthday in may and i'm turning 12. i want to have something kinda that makes me feel like a teen so i want like girls night out with zebra striped balloons and like hot pink and black. its a sleepover and were gonna do hair and nails at my house then go to the mall and get a profetional picture them we will have a scavendure hunt at the mall and come ome and do a blind folded makeover and watch movies and play a dare game when u put the dares in a balloons and pop them and get ur dares im really excited but i dont want anything to go wrong im inviting my6 clostest friends and for a tip always have a partner that someone knows so that they will know at least 1 person but yeah that is what im hoping to do

Feb 06, 2010
more suggestions
by: Anonymous

for a sleepover why dont ya's give each other a blind makeover = put make up on each other when you are blindfolded
and then ya can dress up in nice dresses and have a fashion show up and down the stairs
then you can tell each other ghost stories and watch a dvd

Jan 10, 2010
great ideas
by: horse girl

thanks for that it gave me some really great ideas for my 12 yiu see i live on a horse farm so..... I'll go for a late night ride on my 5 horses(Stardust,bolt,T.J,sasha and ace. then we will run around in are with the "mini ponies" (storm and sassy) Well of subject!!!!! Thanks:}

Jan 05, 2010
my friend had that
by: Hannah

what we done was that we had a theme like faries silly themes {we done for 12th to}it dont matter really just funny ones and then we would dress up as faries and it would be juged by there mum and that person would get a prize and then the rest of the night would be themed like that and we wated tinkerbell the movie and done other stuff

Dec 22, 2009
i did that for y tenth bday!!
by: Theresa

hey for my 10th bday i had a sleepover and everyone got there at about 7pm so we had homemade nachos and watched a movie. then we all got into our beds and told stories and talked. in the morning we had pancakes and played lots of games before lunch we went to the park down the road amd played. when we got back i handed out party bags and everyone went home.

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