Blindfold Games

These Blindfold Games were submitted by other teen visitors. If you have a great blindfold party game or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Blindfolded Sticky

What you need: 
Sticky Notes, Blindfold, People!

How to play:
A name is drawn out of a hat. Whomever's name is drawn is now the 'sticky person'. The 'sticky person' must now choose another name out of the hat. Whoever they choose is their 'idol'. Now the sticky person is blindfolded. Everyone, including the idol, must shuffle up and get into a straight line with their backs facing the 'sticky person'. Now the blindfolded sticky person is given 2 sticky notes. They must go through the line of people and choose 2 of them that they think could be their idol. But here's the twist....the blindfolded sticky person must choose 1 or 2 people that could be their idol by just touching their hair.  Whoever chooses there idol in the least amount of guesses and the fastest time wins. 
Submitted by: Jackie (Vail, AZ, USA)

Blow The Lid Off Game

What you need:
Lid from a bottle
Flat plate with flour in it
2 players
Small table so they can face each other
2 blindfolds

How to Play:
2 players, one on each side of the table are blindfolded with wet faces (you wet their faces with a cloth before the game starts.) Place a lid from an empty bottle in the middle of the table. They both are competing to blow the lid off the table on the opposite side of where they are sitting.  After two or three rounds using a lid, you change the lid (without the players knowing!) and put a flat plate full of flour in the middle of the table. Whoever blows the hardest gets more flour on the other person's face!. 
Submitted by: Mae (Australia)

Snorting Game

Equipment Needed: 
Long spoon, blindfold

How to Play:
Have everyone form a circle, then choose someone to be in the middle. Blindfold the person in the middle and give them the spoon with the handle pointing away from them.  Then they should spin in a circle (as many times as they want). When they stop, the person they are standing in front of grabs the spoon and the middle person 'snorts'. The person who grabbed the spoon must 'snort' back (if you can't snort then just say "oink").  The person in the middle can get the other person to snort as many times as they like and then they must guess who it is. They only get one go to try and guess who the person is. If they do not guess right they do the same thing until they are able to guess someone correctly. 
Submitted by: Sadie

Clinking Keys Game

3 or more keys hooked together, chair, and a blindfold.

How to Play:
One person is "it". The 'it' will sit in a chair while wearing a blind fold. Put the keys under the chair. The aim of the game is for someone to try to grab the keys while not getting caught by the 'it'.  When 'it' hears the keys (or someone stepping on the ground, falling down, sneezing,etc.) then 'it' says "stop". The 'it' has to point at the person that has the keys. If  'it' catches you, you are out. The person that successfully grabs the keys and gets out of the room (no running) gets to be the next 'it'.
Submitted by: Brandon (Missouri)

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