Camp Games for Kids

These camp games for kids are great for either when the kids are camping out in the backyard or for playing at a camping birthday party. They'll be kept happy hunting for bugs, avoiding the snake pit or feeding the hungry bear.....

Most of these camping games are simple to prepare although you will need a little bit of advance planning for some of them, but nothing too complicated. I like to keep things easy!

Favorite Camp Games for Kids

Wildlife Scavenger Trail

This is one of my favorite camp games for kids and will keep them busy for as long as you want. In advance of the camping party, hide a variety of cuddly toys, plastic animals, nature objects (e.g. a shell, pine cone, homemade straw birds nest) around the camp area. Split the kids into teams and give each team a list of items to find plus a sack to put them in. First team to complete the list is the winner.  

Snake Pit Tug o' War

Use a large paddling pool or sand box and fill with lots of rubber snakes. Organize the campers into two teams and get then tugging a rope over a snake pit! First team pulled into the snake pit is out.

Bug Bites

Issue each child with a strip of bug stickers (see examples below) and then it's each bug for himself! The aim of the game is to 'bite' someone by sticking a bug on their back without them noticing. At the end of the game the person with the least stickers is declared the champion bug but the person with the most stickers on their back gets to keep them! 

Hungry Bear

In advance make a large cardboard bears head with a big opening for the mouth. Hang it from a tree branch or a bush and get the campers to throw plastic food into its mouth. See who can get the most items in.

Sleeping Bag Obstacle Course

If you've got some old sleeping bags that you don't mind getting dirty then great. If not use big old sacks or you could make some sacks out of an old sheet.  Set up an obstacle course using camping equipment such as buckets, chairs, wood logs and so on. Have each kid put their feet in the sleeping bag and whilst holding it up around their waist see who can hop around the course the quickest. It might be easiest to take it in turns and use a stopwatch to time them.

Flashlight Bug Hunt

When it is just getting dark give each child a flash light and send them off in search of glow in the dark bugs. Use plastic ones that you have surreptitiously hung around the camping area. Do this game in pairs if the kids are a bit nervous of the dark. You could also make a clue treasure hunt. 

Lucky Dip Tent

Fill a small two man tent with loads of balloons and among them put some small prizes. Each child takes it in turns to be blindfolded and to enter into the tent and to try and find a prize.

Fishing for Gold

Fill a paddling pool with water and a number of goldfish. Issue each child with a jam jar and net and get them to catch a fish which they can take home. Don't forget to provide small bags of fish food. 

Flashlight Tag

This is one of those camp games for kids that they never seem to tire of. When it gets dark, give each child a flash light and split into two teams. The aim of the game is to tag as many players from the opposing team by shining a light at them. Once caught, they are take to base and need to be watched over by a chosen guard. However they can be rescued by their team mates so the guard needs to be on the lookout with his flashlight. If the guard spots the rescuers, they too are put in the base camp.

Musical Camping Chairs/Rocks

Get the kids dancing round the chairs or the painted rocks (see camping activities) but make sure there is one less seat for the number of children. When the music stops each child has to find a chair/rock to sit on. The one who doesn't is out and can help with the music.

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