Drink Recipes for Kids

Drink recipes for kids at a birthday party

Drink recipes for kids to quench even the thirstiest kids.

Every birthday party needs some kids party drinks and I've got some great fun party drinks recipes.  All that running about, playing and shouting leads to very thirsty kids.

I've also got some tips for how many drinks to serve or the best drinks for a kids birthday party.

Drink Recipes for Kids

Ice Cream Drinks

How Many Drinks Per Person

Don't underestimate how many drinks you will need. I usually allow 2-3 drinks per child over a 2 hour period but if it is a hot day or the activities and party games are particularly boisterous, then double that.

It's always better to have some left over then to not have enough.

What Are The Best Drinks To Serve

thirsty boy

In my experience, many parents opt for fizzy drinks when it comes to a birthday party.

Personally I try and steer clear of too many fizzy drinks as I feel without them the kids are calmer.

My suggestion is to have a mixture of kids drinks ranging from the usual fizzy ones to fruit juices, milkshakes and good old plain water.

And if you would prefer to go for "no added sugar" drinks, then have a look at 201 Healthy Smoothies & Juices for Kids: Fresh, Wholesome, No-Sugar-Added Drinks.

If your short on time, then your local supermarket will have lots of kids drinks ready made and ready to drink. However making your own drinks is pretty quick and easy and just that little bit more special.

Make the drinks look exciting with colorful bendy straws, paper umbrellas or colored ice cubes and the kids will love them. Get imaginative with the cups and have them match the color scheme and decorate them with name labels so everyone knows whose cup is whose.

If your making ice cream drinks you can add a little whipped topping and a cherry to really dress it up. For lemonade and fruity drinks you can add a slice for fresh fruit along with an umbrella. The kids will love these ideas.

Top Tip: Write or stick on name labels on the cups. Kids are always forgetting whose cup is whose.

If you would like to make the party drinks, here are my favorite books for kids drinks:

> Drink Recipes For Kids

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