Fun Birthday Party Games

Fun birthday party games to play at your next kids party

Imagine having more than 100 fun birthday party games at your fingertips with no more panicking about what games to play and how to keep all the different age groups happy.

Whether you are indoors in the rain or outside in the sunshine, you have a bunch of fun games at your fingertips all detailed with instructions and often with no preparation needed.

When my 3 kids were of preschool age, planning party games was quite simple. But as they got older, I found that finding fun, easy and not your run of the mill games became quite a challenge.

I was always in a panic of what party games to play and I would spend hours asking, searching and planning in advance. Talk about stress! 

That's when I hit upon the idea of making an eBook for fun party games for kids.

I wanted to create a book that was useful to you and to all parents and party organisers and one that you could just pull up whenever a party was beckoning, no matter what the age group, the number of kids and whatever the weather. Think stress free!

And that was how the ebook for fun birthday party games came about :-). Here's what you get.

I have included party games for kids ranging from 2 - 12 and most of the games don't need much in the way of props and equipment. Most things that you might need, I am sure you will already have at home anyway, with just a few special items that you can easily find in your local store.

There are games for indoors and outdoors, large groups, small groups and the rules are very straightforward plus you can adapt them to suit your party theme.

Here's What Fun Birthday Party Games Includes

  • Over 100 fun party games for kids ages 2-12.
    Imagine having more than 100 kids games at your fingertips. No more need to scrabble around trying to think of a kids game. Whether it be for a kids party or for a fun afternoon with the kids.
  • A selection of Indoor and Outdoor kids games. 
  • Most of the games require very little setup and very little equipment. In fact, most of the equipment (such as string, balls, and music) you will already have at home.
  • This is an eBook. You will get instant download and instant access so that you can start playing games straight away.

Your kids will have a blast playing any of these games. If they are old enough, let them look through the book and decide which games they want to play.

FUN BIRTHDAY PARTY GAMES is available to buy through Amazon as I feel that it is the most secure and efficient way for you.

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