Guessing Party Games

Guessing party games for kids and teens including Celebrity Heads, Pong Factor, Touchy Feely and many more.

Guessing party games to keep you, well, guessing! Some of the games are for all ages and some are better suited to teens.

The games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great guessing party games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

What is Missing?

How to play:
Everyone stands in a circle and one person is picked to be the 'guesser'. The guesser has 1 minute to look at everyone and to try and remember what they are all wearing. Then the guesser goes outside or in another room and one of the other players will take an accessory or a piece of clothing off. Call the guesser back into the room and they then they have to decide who removed an item of clothing or accessory. If they guess correctly, they win. But if they guess incorrectly then they have to be the guesser again. If they guess correctly they get to pick the person to be the next guesser.
Submitted by: Tara Nicholas (Blue Haven NSW Australia )


How to Play:
One person starts the game. She/he says a word containing their idea of the SEQUENCE they want but without letting the others know what the sequence is. For example s/he may choose words ending with the letter 'N' like pollution. Then the others have to figure out the sequence that the person has chosen. Everyone says a word and the person who has chosen the sequence answers with either 'YES' if the word is in the sequence or 'NO' if the word isn't in the sequence. This continues for 3-4 rounds. If someone figures out the sequence then he/she gets to choose the next sequence. If no-one can guess it, then the person starts again with another sequence. 
Submitted by: Namana (Ahmedabad)

Pong Factor Game

What you need:
A large bed sheet

How to play:
Suspend a sheet between a doorway leaving a gap at the bottom which is large enough to reveal someone's feet and ankles. Split the group into two teams and leave one team in the room and the other goes the other side of the sheet. The team behind the sheet, removes their socks and shoes, rolls up their trousers and then one by one they walk up to the sheet and present their feet to the other team. The others then have to guess who the feet belong to. They are allowed to look closely but not to touch and of course they can sniff if they want to!! 

----- Guessing Party Games -----

Song Pairs

What you need:

Pen and paper, bowl

How to play: 
In advance think up some song titles. Write each song title on 2 separate pieces of paper. Fold them up and put them on the bowl. Then everyone picks a pieces of paper and they have to find their other pair by going round the room and humming their song to someone. If two people hum the same song then you found your partner but you can't show each other your paper until an adult checks to see if you are right. The first person to find out who their partner is wins the game!
Submitted by: Becky (Boston)

Celebrity Heads Game

What you need:
Pen and paper, hat

How to play:
For those of you who know Celebrity Heads, this is pretty similar - although lots of fun at parties for ages 9-14!  The first step is to have pre-made names of celebrities on pieces of paper mixed in a hat. Everyone pulls a name out, (without looking!), attaches it onto their forehead with tape, and proceeds to ask as many yes/no questions as possible. For instance they may ask someone "Am I an singer?" and the person must only reply "YES" or "NO". You can use a time limit. The first to guess their character or "celebrity" wins.
Submitted by: Mini-me  (Australia)

Tailor Game

How to Play:
Choose one person to be the Tailor. The Tailor leaves the room whilst 2 of the other players swap one item of clothing or it could be an accessory. The Tailor then re-enters the room and he has 2 guesses to work out who swapped what and with whom.

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What you Need:
Sleeping bags (one for every person)
and a good amount of people(four and up)

How to Play:
This particular game is mostly for sleepovers and it's tons of fun! First, the sleeping bags are placed so that everyone can get to them in a hurry. Second, one person is chosen to be "it". Third, that person turns away and counts to twenty. Meanwhile, everyone else tries to get into a sleeping bag that isn't yours and pull the cover over you so that you can't be seen. Then, the person counting will go around trying to guess which person is which. This means you can nudge or sit on that person to make them laugh or anything that will give them away. 
Submitted by: Becca (New Jersey)

Bible Game

What you need:
Bible scriptures

How to play:
You have to figure out what this scripture is, like this - someone has to say the verse psalms 23:1 then your partner has to guess the scripture, 'The Lord is my Shepherd', that's it.
Submitted by: Stacy (Dove)

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