Lucky Party For a 10 Year Old

by Amzie

-- Kid Party Games --

A lucky themed party sounds a bit silly but it really isn't! Kids will love the idea of being lucky on this special day!

For your invitation you could have a four leaf do you do this? you may ask. Well it's really quite simple. Get a piece of green paper and cut it into a sort of bumpy shape that looks like four lollipops joined together with only one sick in the middle.

Now write all the details of the party on it e.g. Dear bob you are invited to sally's party... Date ..... Time.... Place..... Telephone......

For your decorations you could have some green table runners, balloons, party hats and maybe even four leaf clovers hanging up here and there!

For games you could have "Pass the leprechaun" (it could maybe be a toy leprechaun) and whoever wins gets it!

That's all my ideas for a lucky themed party hope you like them!!!

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