Make a Bookmark

As a kid I would make a bookmark for my dad every year. And even now my daughter makes one for her dad.

A bookmark is very easy to make so perfect for all age groups and as we all know, everyone needs a bookmark!

Skill: Easy

diy bookmark

What You Need to Make a Bookmark

  • Strong colored craft paper
  • Felt pens or crayons
  • Sequins, stickers, decorations
  • Small photo of your dad
  • Sticky back plastic
  • 20cm length of colored ribbon

How to Make a Bookmark

  1. Cut a strip from the craft paper/card about 15cm long by 5cm wide. At one end, trim off the corners so that you have a pointed shape.
  2. Using your felt pens, decorations and your imagination, design a picture or pattern on one side of the card. If this is a gift fro someone in particular, on the other side write a few words to them such as "To a Special Dad".
  3. When you are happy with your design,  stick on some sticky back plastic to keep the bookmark strong and clean. You could also use wide sellotape.
  4. Punch a hole in the pointy end of the bookmark and thread the ribbon through and then tie a knot as close to the bookmark as you can.
  5. As an extra treat for the recipient, you could also buy a book to go with it.

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