Make a Stone Paperweight

hand painted paperweight

It is very easy to make a Stone Paperweight and it makes a great gift for anyone.

As a child I loved collecting stones and I loved it even more if their shape resembled an animal or other object. Many ended up in the garden or as door stops but the smaller pretty ones are still sitting on my desk :).

Skill: Easy

What You Need to Make a Stone Paperweight

  • Smooth stone (look on the beach or in the garden)
  • Chalk or pencil
  • Acrylic or oil paints
  • Paint brushes plus paint brush cleaner
  • Clear varnish (pot or spray) or clear nail varnish

How to Make a Stone Paperweight

  1. Decide how you want to decorate your stone. Have a good look at it and see if it resembles something – maybe an animal, an insect or a ball or maybe it is just stone shaped!
  2. Using some chalk or a pencil, outline your design first to see how it will work on the stone.
  3. Paint on your design and allow to fully dry. If using oil based paints, make sure that you protect the painting area with lots of old newspaper and wear an apron.
  4. If your design is quite detailed, you may find it easiest to let each color dry before you attempt the next color.
  5. When the paint is fully dry, spray or paint on the varnish and then leave to dry again. I have had great results just using clear nail varnish.
  6. Place the paperweight in a small box lined with colored tissue paper and offer it as a gift. 

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