Outdoor Team Party Games

Outdoor team party games are great ice breakers and great too for a crowd. Whether you are having a birthday party, youth group or just having friends over, these party games are going to be fun!

The team games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great outdoor team party games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Injured Game

What you Need :
Cards and pen

How to Play :
In advance prepare prepare some small cards (one for each person) and on each randomly draw either a star, heart, circle or square. Each person must then take a card from the instructor.
If you got a star you "can't use your legs".
If you got a heart, "you can't use your arms".
If you got a circle, "you cannot speak"
If you got a squares then "you can't see". 
Split into teams and then everyone has to complete an obstacle course together but as a team. Everyone has to work together to complete the course. So for example those who can use their arms and legs must help those without arms and legs and they in turn must help those who can't see or speak. 
Submitted by: Kayla

Epic War

What you need :
Soft hit weapons

How to Play :
The aim of the game is to capture the other teams' flag.  data-custom-mark="true"Get into two teams and decide on whose going to be who. You'll need:
1 x Leader: Make sure to decide with all of your group. One who is noble and trustworthy, like a real leader.
1 x Lieutenant: Second in command. Takes place when leader is down.
3 x Elite: Those who go for the flag, must be sneaky and swift.
2 x Guards: Those who keep the flag safe, must have good aim.
1 x Medic: Can dodge quickly and can get in and out of battle in flash, when people are down.
The rest can be soldiers, ones who just go out and shoot people. Both teams have a makeshift base. There, they will set their flag.

Here's the rules:

1. No one can shoot in the base. It's a safe zone for the soldiers and the medic.

2. Set the flag in the front of the base, the back is used for medic reasons

3. When you get shot, the medic will take you back to the base and then you can go back out

Submitted by: War Machine

Frisbee Cups Game

What you Need : 
6 sticks
6 disposable cups
1 Frisbee

How to Play : 
Each team has 3 sticks and 3 cups. Place the 3 sticks in a triangle shape. Stick them in the ground vertically. Place one cup upside down on each stick. The other team does the same but across from the other team. Team A throws the Frisbee at one of Team B's sticks/cups. If the cup falls off of the stick and hits the ground, then team "A" gets a point. However if a team member of Team "B" catches the cup before it hits the ground they (team "B") gets the point. Whichever team gets the point then becomes the team that starts with the Frisbee for the next throw. You may designate the number of points you play until someone wins.
Submitted by: Alexa (Greendale, Wisconsin, US)

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