Paper Animal Baskets

These Paper Animal Baskets are so easy to make and are great for any type of kids party or any time of year.

The baskets we made here were of bunnies for an Easter Party and they looked so cute filled with colored tissue paper and small chocolate eggs.

You can make any animal you like by adjusting the basic face shape. The instructions here are to make an Easter party basket about 3 inch square.

Skill: Easy

What You Need - Paper Animal Baskets

  • Colored paper (thick) or thin card A4 size
  • Strip of craft paper (for the handle)
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Pencil
  • Trimmings e.g. ribbon, buttons, sequins
  • Shredded colored paper or cellophane
  • Small chocolate eggs or candy

How to Make - Paper Animal Baskets

1. Fold the paper in half (A) along its width and then open it.

2. Bring the left-hand side of the paper (B) to the center-fold and press. Repeat with the right-hand side (C). Close the paper along the center-fold (A) and your paper should now be folded into four with the pleats all running in the same direction.

3. Draw a picture on each folded section of paper e.g. chick, egg, rabbit and make sure that the design touches both pleated edges of the paper. Also add a small tab approximately 1 inch long, at the bottom of the design. 

4. Carefully cut our your design, open it out and fold each tab towards the center.

5. Now cut out a small tab from a spare piece of card/paper and use it to join the open sides of your basket. Glue it on the inside of the basket so it can't be seen.

6. From a spare piece of the paper or card, cut out a 3 inch square which will form the base. Place the square at the bottom of your basket and using the tabs glue it in place. It should now be box shaped.

7. Decorate your Easter party basket with ribbons, stickers or whatever you want.

TIP: If the card is quite flimsy it might be easier to attach the decorations before you assemble the basket. 

8. Create a handle from a strip of craft paper and glue both ends to the basket.

9. When all the glue is fully dry, put a little shredded tissue paper (or straw) in the bottom of the basket and pop in some small chocolate eggs. 

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