Talking Party Games

Talking party games are great ice breakers and great too for a crowd. They can be adapted to suit different ages so are great for kids, tweens and teens. You can see how popular they are by looking at how many talking games have been submitted - lots!

The party games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great talking party games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Just talk! Game

What you need:
Paper or card and a pen

How to Play: 
Have a bunch of index cards with a one topic written on each one. Everyone takes it in turns in picking out a card. They must then talk about that subject for 1 minute. They are not allowed to stop or pause for more then 3 seconds or say things like 'um' and 'ah'! Try topics like : Toilet paper, Your crush, Monkeys, School! 
Submitted by: Sydney (MA)

Left or Right Game

What you need:
A story
Prize wrapped in lots of paper layers

How to play:
For this game you need to first make up a story. It doesn't matter how silly it is! Write it down so you don't forget and make sure you include the words LEFT, RIGHT and THEN. Include those words several times in the story. Sit everyone in a circle and pass a wrapped gift to one of the players. Start reading the story out loud. If you say the word LEFT, then the gift gets passed round to the left. If you say RIGHT the gift goes right. The players keep passing it round whilst you read the story. The moment you say THEN, the person holding the gift gets to take off a layer. Then the game continues. 
Submitted by: Lala (Wiesbaden, Germany)

Um or Uh

What you need:
Water balloons

How to play:
Players are split into 2 teams and each team has a captain. One of the team captains then chooses a player to go and stand in the middle. This time the other team chooses a topic (the topic can be anything!). Once the other player is ready you give him/her the topic. Him/her has to say as many words about that topic as they can. If they say "um" or "uh" and gets stuck for words, the other team gets to throw a water balloon at him/her. If a team has 5 water balloons thrown at them then the other team gets a point. 
Submitted by: Jonathon Mezak (Sydney, NSW, Australia )

Forbidden Letter Game

What you need :

How to play:
Players decide on a letter of the alphabet that is to be forbidden. It's best not to choose a vowel as that makes it really difficult. From that moment on, players are not allowed to say any word that contains that letter. Choose a person to be the questioner and every player starts with five lives. The questioner also has to abide by the rules of the forbidden letter. If you use the forbidden letter then you are out of the game. The last player left in the game is declared the winner.

Chinese Mimes


How to play:
This is a miming version of Chinese whispers and great teen party game for a large group. The players are split into two teams. One team leaves the room whilst the other team thinks up an action. It could be anything from having a shower to changing a car tyre. Maybe keep it simple for the younger age group. One player from the second team, now re-enters the room and a player from the first team mimes the action. Next another member from the second team enters the room but this time his team mate has to mime the action to him. This continues until all of the second team is back in the room and the last player has to say what he thinks that the action or situation is.

Most Likely To Game

What you need:
5 or more players
Cards with the name of each player (one set for each player)

How to play:
In this game, players sit in a big circle. The group decides on which person goes first by age, or if they're all the same age they pick who goes first by who has the earliest birthday. Now the first person asks a "most likely to question". For example a player may ask "Who's most likely to have lots of children?" or "Who's most likely to be a millionaire?". Then all the players must place one card face down in the middle of the floor. The person who asked the question then gathers them up and turns them over. The person with the most votes, gets a prize and gets to ask the next question. If there are 2 or more people with the same number of votes, then you replay the round but only those people are voted on . Keep going till you have a winner. 


What you need:

How to play:
All players sits in a circle. You start clapping and singing "i-jack jack nominate to my left/right names of.... (example, countries beginning with the letter C, cars, flowers)". Then you take it in turns to say different countries (or whatever topic was chosen). If someone cannot think of something to say or if he/she says "Um" then they must do a forfeit.
Submitted by: Dunell (Namibia)

I Lost My Name

What you need:

How to play:
To start you have to shake hands with another person and introduce yourself (say your name). They will then also say their name. Then you must switch names! You must then go up to a different person and introduce yourself with your 'new' name (taken from the person you just shook hands with). The new person will also say their 'new' name. Keep shaking hands and switching names until you get your own name back. 
Submitted by: Fiona (Minnesota)

Clothes Peg Game

What you Need: 
Paper,  Clothes Pins

How to Play:
First you make a list of things you cant say at the party for example you CAN'T say:
The hostess name

You then take the clothes pins and put them on a piece of your clothing. During the party if you catch someone saying a forbidden word you take a clothes pin and pin it to them. At the end of the party who ever has collected the most pins has to do a forfeit.
Submitted by: Kameryn D. (Ohio)

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