Tips for Hiring Party Entertainers

Welcome to my top tips for hiring party entertainers and it you've already found a kids party entertainer then great!

However it is important that you and the entertainer know exactly what to expect from each other in order to make sure that there are no nasty surprises.

Deciding what sort of kid party entertainment or entertainer to have and where to find entertainers can be quite a daunting and time-consuming task. Gone are the days when birthday parties were limited to clowns and Punch and Judy shows as nowadays you will find an enormous array of talented kids entertainers  who work full time at their craft in order to give you their very best.

Tips for hiring party entertainers

Which Kids Party Entertainment Should you Choose?

When deciding whether to go with a particular entertainment act, a lot will be dictated by your budget and the availability of the act. However there are also some important points to consider first before you even think about hiring someone.

To narrow down what sort of entertainment to go for, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is the main age group of the guests?
  • Does my party have a theme?
  • Do I want an indoor/outdoor act?
  • Do I want the kid party entertainment to be noisy/funny/active/guests to participate?
  • What is my budget?
  • How much available space is there at the party venue?
  • Have I got a friend who can recommend a good act?

Write down answers to all these questions and then look at what kids paty etnertainers are availabl in uyou area. if finances permit, you could look further a field altbhouhg don't froget you may have to pay travle expenses.

What sort of acts are there?
We all know of clowns, magicians, face painters, bouncy castles and so on. However don't just think of the obvious kid party entertainment acts. There are a lot of diverse and talented entertainers out there performing acts that you might never have thought of.

Be adventurous and think outside of the box. How about a
Mad scientist,
Dance lessons
Fairy godmother 
Animal tamer
Mobile party bus......

Tips for hiring party entertainers

Where Can You Find Party Entertainers?

First stop is to get recommendations from friends - a personal recommendation is always much more reliable than a glossy brochure and really nothing beats a personal view point.

Next look in your local papers - usually at the back there is an entertainment section.

The other place to look is in your own backyard. I bet that you know of someone who is a wannabe magician, clown, funny act etc in the making - you know the one who is always the center of attention at parties. Ask them, and it could well be the making of their new career!

Look in your local directories such as Thompson or the Yellow pages.

Search the Internet although this can be a time consuming task. 

Remember.....Popular entertainers get booked up months and sometimes a year in advance as in the case of seasonal parties such as Christmas. Saturdays, Sundays, school and public holidays are their busiest days.

Tips for hiring party entertainers

Do's and Don'ts - Tips for hiring party entertainers

  1. Making contact with the entertainer or hire company is the first step. Phone or email them first to get their details.
  2. If they are local see if you could arrange a face to face appointment, especially if you have some special requests.
  3. Any well-organized entertainer should firstly get some details from you (have these ready before you speak to him/her) such as: number of guests, ages, time and length of party, location and space available.
  4. Listen carefully to the details of the entertainment act and don't be shy about asking for clarification and about making your own suggestions.
  5. Do take his/her advice. For example if they say that the party entertainment act is very noisy, are you sure you really want it for a group of shy toddlers?.
  6. Establish the 'full' fee before you agree to take on someone's services and get the cost in writing. This saves an awful lot of anxiety and confusion for both parties.
  7. Make sure a written contract is provided which includes the date and time of the party, details of the entertainment to be provided, fees and costs and what is expected of you.
  8. Most entertainers will require a deposit, although not all. Check when this should be paid and get a receipt.

Tips for hiring party entertainers

If Things Don't Go To Plan

Hopefully everything will go as planned and you and the guests will have a superb time.

However, occasionally things don't go as expected so it is wise to be prepared. Make sure to have a written contract which discusses at least the following:

  • What happens if the entertainer cancels or doesn't show up? Will you be fully refunded?
  • What happens if you have to unexpectedly cancel the party entertainment or the party? Will your deposit be forfeited or will you have to pay the full fee?
  • If hiring equipment such as a bouncy castle, what will the hire company do if the equipment fails or is faulty and what happens if you accidentally damage any of the equipment?
  • If a child has an accident on any of the equipment, who is responsible? Would your home insurance cover you? Check your home insurance policy for third party liability.

Tips for hiring party entertainers

What Not To Forget 

  • Pencil the act on a printable party checklist
  • Make sure that on the day you have the space cleared for any equipment.
  • Will the entertainer need anything specific like electricity points, water, table...
  • Will the entertainer need a changing room or somewhere to store materials?
  • Be fair to the entertainer and don't let the guests mob him/her unless he requests it. 
  • Encourage the children to be attentive and not running all over the place during the act.
  • Consider having the act just before or just after the party food. This gives the entertainer the chance to get ready or clear up whilst the kids are eating and are thus not in his way. Don't forget entertainers get hungry and thirsty too!

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