Water Party Games

Super fun water party games to cool everyone down

The games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great water party games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Russian Roulette

What you need:
You need at least two buckets and easy access to water. 

How to play:
Everyone sits in a circle and one bucket is passed around while music is playing. When the music is stopped, the person holding the bucket gets to dump the contents on the person sitting to their right. Also this can be changed where the person holding the bucket chooses who he/she wants to dump the water on! Tons of fun and laughs!!
Submitted by: Rebecca (Canada)

Water Musical Chairs

What you need:
Big piece of tarp
Chairs - one for each player

How to play:
Spread out a tarp then spray the tarp with water. Make sure the tarp is wet and slippery. On the tarp set out a chair for each guest, minus one. For example, if you had 10 guests then you would set out 9 chairs. Have all of your guests walk around the tarp with music being played in the background. Have someone who is not playing, control the music. When the controller of the music presses the stop button and the music stops, all the guests must find a chair to sit on. One guest will not have a chair and that guest is out. You then eliminate one chair and repeat. It is even more fun when all the guests are blindfolded and only the person controlling the music can see and help guide people to stay on the tarp.
Submitted by: Emma 

Sponge Dodgeball

What you need:
Sponges, water, bucket

How to Play:
Split into 2 teams with each side having a few buckets of water and several sponges. Here are the rules:
- If you hit someone with a sponge, they are eliminated. 
- If you catch a thrown sponge, whoever threw it is out. 
- The team who caught the sponge can bring an eliminated player back into the game. 
- The game is over when all the players in a team are out.

----- Water Party Games -----

Water Pong

What you Need :
12 plastic cups

How to Play :
You set out 12 cups filled with water the same way as you would set up bowling pins. You can play with as many people as you want, but it is best to play one on one so two people play and then the next two people get a turn. The first person tries to throw a ping-pong ball into one of the cups of water and if he succeeds, his opponent has to drink the cup of water. If he misses, it's the other person's turn. It goes on until someone gives up, or the person who drank the least cups at the end wins. 

----- Water Party Games -----

Wring It Out

What you need:
4 buckets,
2 sponges,
2 teams - preferably 2 to 3 people on a team.

How to Play:
Fill 2 buckets with water and place them opposite the empty buckets, about 20 yards away. 
This is a relay race so first a team player grabs a sponge and runs to the bucket with water. S/he must soak up as much water as possible and then runs back to the empty bucket and squeezes the water into it. Then the next team member has a go. Whoever's team fills the empty bucket first wins and gets a treat or small prize.
Submitted by: Sparkles (Nebraska)

Ping Pong Float

What you need:
2 medium sized buckets, 2 ping pong balls, a water source, two small cans, and at least 3 players on each team.

How to play:
Split into 2 teams. Put the ping-pong ball in the bucket (one bucket and ping pong ball for each team). Have one player on their knees next to the bucket and the others next to the water source with one holding the can. Once you start, have the player with the can fill it up with water then take it to the bucket and pour in the water then give it to the next player in line. Repeat until the player next to the bucket can grab the ball with their mouth. First team to grab the ball wins.
Submitted by: Aleah (Knoxvill, Tennessee, USA)

Apple Bobbing

What you Need:
Bucket, Apples

How to Play:
Fill a bucket with warm water, (or cold to make it harder) and then place 10 apples in the bucket. The game works by one player at a time trying to get out as many apples as they can...using only their mouth! Someone else must keep track of time, each player gets one minute. Another person puts the apples back in the bucket if the player gets them all out. Each apple is worth 10 points. As a bonus, you can put grapes in the bucket worth 5 points each. The grapes usually sink to the bottom, making it extra fun. 
Submitted by: Iona (UK)

Drip, Drip, Drop Game

You need:
Two Buckets and Water

How to Play:
You need at least 5 people. Sit in a circle. Fill the bucket all the way up with warm or cold water. Go back to the group and begin walking around the circle. Dripping a drip of water on people's heads and saying "drip", when you drip. Then pick a person you would like to get back at and dump the whole bucket of water on them and say "drop" when you drop it on them. You must then run round the circle as quickly as possible whilst the person who was dumped on must jump up and try and catch you. If you manage to run round the circle and sit in their place then you get another go with the bucket. However if they catch you then they get to hold the bucket. 
Submitted by: Allison (USA)

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