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Kids Party Games eBook for ONLY $1

Imagine having more than 100 really fun and original kids party games at your finger tips with most of them needing very little set up.

Well with my Kids party games eBook you can have just that.

You'll never be short of kids party games ever again can have all these fun and original kids games for just US$1. (Normally I sell this ebook for US$12.99)

Why am I virtually giving my ebook away?

Many of you have heard that my 17 year old daughter Ellie is planning a year of voluntary work in India and will be working with kids in a rural village on the East coast. She is helping to set up a school for kids that would otherwise never have the opportunity of any sort of education.

Your $1 US donation will really help towards her fund raising.

In fact she has already raised more than $6,600 US but still needs to get another $2,000 US before then end of August 2011.

For her and the children that she will be helping, this is an opportunity of a lifetime. So if you can help by buying the kids party game ebook for just $1 US, that would be really, really appreciated.

Get your Kids Party Games eBook for just $1 US

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