Kids party Place, Issue #001 -- Let the kids throw a party for father's day

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June 1st 2005 Issue #001

It's Nicole the party mum here,

A big welcome to all my new subscribers and as usual a big welcome back to all those seasoned Kids Partygoers. For those of you who recently subscribed, let me introduce myself.

What's in this issue :

1) Let the kids show how much they appreciate dad (Father's day is Sunday 19th June 2005)
2) No cook chocolate cake
3) Your tips
4) Bag a bargain

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Let the kids show how much they appreciate dad

It's father's day on Sunday June 19th 2005 and we all know how special a dad can be. When I was little, I just loved to make things and I can vividly remember one father's day making my dad what I thought was the most special present ever. I got an old cigar tin, wrapped it in sticky back plastic (brown was the color!) and then put two sweets inside as that was all I had. It was definitely not the most artistic present but what was important to me was that my dad liked it and that I had made it all by myself. I don't think 'the brown tin' is around anymore ( well after 30 years and several house moves it is not surprising) but I still remember vividly my sense of achievement.

So for father's day, forget spending mountains on a shop bought card or present. Instead encourage the kids to make something for dad, whether it is a card, present or just singing him a song. Their sense of achievement will be enormous and it will provide a much more lasting memory than money can buy. If you need a bit of guidance have a look at these father's day ideas.


No cook chocolate cake

The perfect cake for kids to make, with a little guidance from you. This cake we make every year for my husband's birthday and you would have thought that after 15 years he would be sick of it - not a chance!

Ingredients :
110 gm (1/2 cup) butter
220 gm (2 cups) crushed plain sweet biscuits 2 tablespoons golden syrup (light corn syrup)
25 gm seedless raisins
2 tablespoons glace cherries, quartered (optional)
135 gm plain chocolate, chopped

Line the base and sides of a loaf tin with a large piece of Clingfilm. This makes it easier to take the cake out later.
Gently melt the butter in a saucepan or microwave. The stir in the crushed biscuits, fruit and chocolate. When well mixed, tip it all into the loaf tin and press down gently. Place in the fridge to set. Turn out on to a nice plate and voila, the perfect cake for chocolate lovers. if you want to go the whole hog, you could also cover it in chocolate frosting or melted chocolate.


Your tips

** When playing party games with the under five's, place a sticker on their shirt when they win a game instead of handing out a prize straight away. As you play more games you can then see who 'needs' to win a sticker so as not to feel left out. At the end of the games, any child with a sticker gets a small prize. That way you can ensure that everyone gets something. Stephanie Hawkins, Saffron Walden, England

** Make cupcakes (just using a cake mix if you aren't into baking from scratch) and using mini muffin tins (this makes them not much more than bite size) as kids usually only eat the icing of the cupcake and leave the cake. Maybe place chocolate chips or beanies into the cake or some other treat that would tempt the kids to eat the cake as well as the icing.

Make a birthday cake by just piling up doughnuts into a mini mountain and drizzle icing/melted chocolate etc over it, decorate with fun lollies (candy) and randomly place candles on it.

Get arnott's arrowroot biscuits (or any other plain flat biscuit) and cover with colored icing and make faces on them using lollies (candy) while the icing is still pliable. Leanne, Australia


Bag a Bargain

I only ever include here what I think are genuine bargains and also things that I think that you would find useful such as new items. I know that many of my subscribers are from around the world so I always include where the country is of anything that I recommend so as not to waste your time. We all know that time is precious.

Prezzy Box (UK) is a great place to browse for gifts for those people who have everything or nothing! They are offering a Free £5 Discount Voucher when you register with them. Registration allows you to track your orders, set up a gift wish list and a gift reminding service.

Makesparties Closeout Corner (US store) If you like to buy in advance. Now selling Halloween and Christmas goods.
Have fun!



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