Kids party Place, Issue #003 -- Keep the kids busy over the summer

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July 31st 2005 Issue #003

It's Nicole the party mum here,

A big welcome to all my new subscribers and as usual a big welcome back to all those seasoned Kids Partygoers. For those of you who recently subscribed, let me introduce myself.

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What's in this issue :

1) Camping party
2) Make your own bubbles
3) Ice Cream Bombes
4) Your tips
5) Bag a bargain

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Get the kids outside and let them be happy campers for the night

If you are anything like me, you are probably thinking what are you going to do with the kids over the long summer break. My kids (Sam, Ellie and Douglas) all go to a French school and the summer holiday is for 2 whole months. We usually take a family holiday and they spend time with friends but thinking what to do with the rest of the 60 days is challenging.

One thing they always do is to invite a friend each for a camping party. Ellie's birthday falls over the summer break so we often combine it with the party but the great thing about this party is that it can be done anytime and for any occasion.

One essential is a tent. If you haven't got any tents, see if you can borrow from friends or just make do with lots of cloths and sheets hung from trees. If you haven't got a backyard, see if you can set up camp in a local park or go to a local camping ground. One of my friends even sets up her camp in the living room and the kids just love it.

Camping parties always go better with a small amount of organised activity especially if there is a large group. If you need some ideas on food, games and decorations, take a look at my tried and tested ideas.

Camping party ideas.


Make your own bubble mixture

Bubbles are easy enough to buy but it is much cheaper to make your own and they are then always on hand for those moments when you want to get the kids out the house. Plus they are great for all ages.

The secret ingredient for big, strong bubbles is glycerine.

Washing up liquid - 1 part (many people recomed Joy or Dawn dish detergent)
Soft tap water/ Distilled Water - 15 parts
Glycerine - 1/4 part (available from drug stores)

Mix altogether and leave for a couple of hours. The longer you leave it the better the bubbles. Make bubble wands out of coat hangers or bits of wire and you will have happy kids for hours.


Ice cream Bombes

I'm ashamed to say that my kids eat ice cream nearly every day but then we do live in a warm climate - excuses I know!

As it's summer I have got a really scrummy ice cream desert which is a bit more special than a dollop of ice cream in a bowl and plus the kids can help you make it.

Ingredients (serves 6):
1 litre/ 1 3/4 pints/ 4oz soft-scoop chocolate ice cream
475 ml/ 16 fl oz/ 2 cups soft-scoop vanilla ice cream
50 g/ 2 oz/ 1/3 cup plain chocolate drops
115g/ 4 0z toffees
75 ml/ 5 tbsp double cream

Divide the soft-scoop chocolate ice cream among six small cups. Push it to the base and slightly up the sides so that you have a scooped out area in the middle. It doesn't need to look too neat so let the kids have a go. Return it to the freezer for about 45 minutes.

Soften the vanilla ice cream slightly in a bowl and then mix in the chocolate drops. Spoon this into the hollowed out area of your chocoalte ice crean cups and return to the freezer. It's best to leave it overnight.

Melt the toffees in a small saucepan over a gentle heat. Don't burn them as otherwise you will get a hard mass. When starting to melt, slowly add the cream, stirring all the time. Don't let it boil as the cream will seperate.

Nearly there.....Quickly dip the outside of the ice cream cups in hot water and run a knife round the edge of the ice cream to losen it. Tip the bombes onto a plate and drizzle on the warm toffee sauce.

I can guarantee that you and the kids will be in ice cream heaven!


Your tips

** For my 11 year old daughter's birthday, I bought a plain notebook for the guests to sign. I stuck a photo of my daughter on the front and all her friends wrote a comment inside. After the party when I had the photos developped we put the photos in the book. It's a great keepsake and she enjoyed taking it to school. Jane, California

** I am not a good baker and never have the time. I always buy ready made cakes and cookies but I decorate them myself and the kids never know the difference! Candy, Georgia

** To stop birthday candles melting to quickly, pop them in the freezer for a couple of hours beforehand. Ashley, Surrey, UK.

Send me your tips


Bag a Bargain

I only ever include here what I think are genuine bargains and also things that I think that you would find useful such as new items. I know that many of you are from around the world so I always include where the country is of anything that I recommend so as not to waste your time. We all know that time is precious.

We have some new kids party themes in our US party store which are proving hugely popular.

Sponge Bob party packs
Perfect Dora Party!

Have fun!



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