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September 30th 2005 Issue #005

It's Nicole the party mum here,

A big welcome to all my new subscribers and as usual a big welcome back to all those seasoned Kids Partygoers. For those of you who recently subscribed, let me introduce myself.

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What's in this issue :

1) History of Halloween
2) Make a stretching spider
3) Graveyard cake
4) Your tips
5) Bag a bargain

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1) Time is just whizzing and already Halloween is not far away

As a child for some reason I missed out on Halloween. I think it was because I went to boarding school and Halloween was not on the nun's agenda. Maybe that is why I just love Halloween now. For me it is the preparation that is the best bit as there is just so much that you can do in terms of crafts and cooking with the kids. I know that in the states it is a very important party date and even in the UK, people are now beginning to make a big thing of it.

For those of you who need??! to know the history of Halloween, it actually has Catholic origins and is a corruption of All Hallows Eve. November 1st is considered as "All Hollows Day" (or "All Saints Day") and is a Catholic day of observance in honor of saints. It is believed that on that day, the spirits of all those who had died the previous year would come back in search of living bodies to possess for the next year. In order to be protected from this, on the night of October 31st, the people would extinguish the fires in their homes to make them cold and undesirable. They would then dress up in hideous costumes and parade around the towns and villages in order to frighten the spirits away. Today, Halloween doesn't represent the ridding of spirits but is an opportunity to party and to use ones imagination to be as spooky as possible – a friendly spook!

You don't need to throw a party for Halloween as just putting on a witch’s hat for trick or treat and putting a few spiders on your doorstep is quite acceptable. However if you do want to get some games going and to prepare a Horrible Halloween feast, then get on your broomstick and whiz over to my Halloween party page for some truly ghoulish games and grub.


2) Stretching Spider

These couldn't be easier to make but are extremely effective and are suitable for kids of all ages.

Materials and tools :
Cardboard egg cartons
Black water based paint and paint brush
Black or colored pipe cleaners
Stick on eyes
Large darning needle
Black sewing elastic thread Newspaper
Glow in the dark clear paint (optional)

First off is to prepare your work surface. It is better to be in the kitchen and lay newspaper on the work surface. Cut out the individual pockets of the egg carton and then paint them black. You may need to paint on a couple of layers. Make sure that you let each layer dry thoroughly before adding the next. This will be the spider body.
Using the darning needle, carefully make 3 holes on each side of the spider body and one on the top. Cut the pipe cleaner into 6 equal lengths and poke each piece though one of the holes on the side of the body. Bend to shape so they resemble spiders legs. Cut a long length of black elastic and knot at one end. Thread through the hole in the top of the spider body. Attach some eyes and then cover with glow in the dark glue. Leave to dry.
Suspend the spiders around the house or your front door and let them bob up and down on the elastic.


3) Graveyard cake (the quick and easy way!)

A rectangular or square chocolate cake made from a packet cake mix.
Chocolate frosting
Oval shaped chocolate biscuits
Gummy worms

Make the cake and allow to cool. Cover with chocolate frosting.
Crush a few of the chocolate biscuits and sprinkle onto the top of the cake to resemble dirt
Break the oval biscuits in half and stick into the cake so that they resemble tomb stones. You can write spooky names on the biscuits beforehand using frosting writing tubes. Stick the gummy worms around the tomb stones so that they are poking out through the cake.

That's all there is to it but it looks really impressive. Save time by buying a packet cake mix and ready made frosting.


Your tips

4) Your tips

** My son invited the whole class to his 7th birthday party and I worried about knowing who was who. So I gave them all a sticky badge with their name on at the start of the party. It saved a lot of "What did you say your name was?". Mary, Hampshire, England

** Try to keep all party prizes the same or of the same value (not necessarily money wise but street cred-wise!). I nearly had a mutiny one time as some kids weren't happy with what they got. Lorne, Ontario

** Never give out chewing or bubble gum. It always has an amazing knack of getting itself stuck to the underside of tables and chairs. Be prepared though and have some sticky remover ready.Pippa, US

Send me your tips and I'll print them here.


Bag a Bargain

I only ever include here what I think are genuine bargains and also things that I think that you would find useful such as new items. I know that many of my subscribers are from around the world so I always include where the country is of anything that I recommend so as not to waste your time. We all know that time is precious.

I know that Halloween is a month away but believe me, stocks can run out early as the stores often just have a set amount. Below are what I consider to be the best value Halloween suppliers on the net:

Party Box (UK site)
My favorite site for value and ease of use. Lots of choice and Halloween goodies for whatever type of party you are having.

Party Domain (UK store)
Great for costumes for all ages and plus they have a SALE on for most of their kids Halloween costumes.

Halloween Party Guide (UK store)
Silly Jokes have put together a Halloween guide and they also sell the goriest and bloodiest jokes around. Great for older kids and adults. (US store)
Great for those BIG decorations such as wall hangings and back drops.

Find the perfect costume (US store) Loads of choice and sizes plus all the props. As a bonus they also have a Clearance sale on now.
Who says you can't look like a princess or cowboy for Halloween?

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Have fun!



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