Kids party Place, Issue #007 -- Does Santa spoil us?

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December 1st 2005 Issue #007

It's Nicole the party mum here,

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What's in this issue :

1) Santa spoils my kids
2) Christmas party ideas
3) FREE santa costume

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1) Santa spoils my kids

I vividly remember my eldest son at the age of 9 saying to me "Mummy when I am 18 will you tell me if Father Christmas is real or not?" He is now 13 so still has a few years to go!

I have 3 kids and the eldest two spend a lot of time winking at me when Santa's name is mentioned. When they have asked in the past about Santa's uncanny resemblance to me or their dad, we usually say "Well if you don't believe, then he may not come." This was partly said to protect my youngest from having his dreams shattered (as I know how his big brother would wind him up) and partly because it would shatter Santa's dreams too.

As a child my stocking consisted of one Satsuma, some nuts, a chocolate umbrella and the odd plastic toy. I am ashamed to say that my kids stocking don't have an orange or nut in sight and are just stuffed full of toys, books and chocolate. On the stroke of 6am, it is like someone has switched on their engines at full thrust. With great gusto and noise, three humongous red stockings towed by three manic children sweep into our room and land on our bed. Everything gets pulled out and unwrapped at great speed and with lots of "Ooh's" and "Aah’s". The excitement and the anticipation are just thrilling to watch and the delight and joy on their faces is just magical.

Now I can see that Santa spent a long, long time preparing those stockings and spent days if not weeks (and sometimes months) getting them ready. He obviously thought carefully about who should get what, which color to give to whom, where to buy the cheapest and the best value (except in the week before Christmas when anything goes) and how to struggle into the bedroom with all that crinkly wrapping, without being seen or heard. Every year my husband has a private word with Santa telling him that he really should not spend so much, that a stocking that could fit an elephant is not really necessary and that fruit is much healthier than a bucket load of chocolate. Somehow though Santa always forgets the advice.

I was hoping that this year things would be different as we will have just moved house – 5 days before Christmas - and yes it is crazy but that's another story. We won't have a chimney and maybe not even a tree. However somehow Santa has got organized and I’m sure that he knows where to go. Maybe though he will give my husband just an orange and some nuts…. For me though my favorite present from Santa is always the same - seeing the delight on my kids faces, even Sam's, my teenager.

As a kid I wrote to Santa every year but he never wrote back. Now he does and this is where to get in touch :

Personalized Letters from the North Pole (Santa's US address)

Santa's UK address


2) Christmas party ideas

If your kid has a birthday around Christmas or maybe you just want to throw a kid Christmas party for the fun of it, well then I have just revamped my Christmas party ideas page. There are lots of suggestions for some really great games and crafts most of which need little preparation.


3) FREE Santa costume

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OK I promised myself that I would keep this newsletter short this month as we are all busy I am sure. Don't panic, you still have 4 weeks to go. My trick is to order as much as I can from the internet or catalogues and get family and friends to help if I am playing family host. Most people are more than willing and love to be asked.



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