Kids Party Place, Issue #016 – First Kids Party cabin newsletter for 2008

The fun newsletter that has me doing the running so you can enjoy the party.

January 2008 Issue #016

Hi everyone and a Happy New Year for 2008.

As usual I am keeping this newsletter short as many people have said that they never get round to reading the longer ones.

I have 2 important announcements:

#1 New Party Themes for January

#2 If you own a website, then this is a MUST read!.

New Kids Party Themes For January

Rubber Duck Party Theme
Hands up if you never had a rubber duck! This is a superb theme for toddlers. I have ideas for invites, food, games, decorations and acitivities.

Car Party Theme
This party theme is a real classic and just never goes out of fashion. It is great for ages from toddler through to primary. I have racked my brains for stacks of car games, acitivities, food ideas and resources to help you get this party just right.

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I have just discovered this and I am going to try it out. However I thought you website owners (whether you have a party website, one advertising your kids party entertainment act or any other website or blog) might be intereseted too.

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If you would like to know more about Pay Per Play:

There is more detailed information here.


All the best and a Happy and Succesful 2008 to you all. As always feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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