Kids Party Place, Issue #017 – New Kids Party Themes plus Free Ebook

The fun newsletter that has me doing the running so you can enjoy the party.

May 2008 Issue #017

Two bits of news:

Firstly, it has been a while since I sent out an E-zine but I wasn't being idle but more that I was putting together some new kid's party themes.

So if you are about to throw a kids party, below is a list of my newest themes which may be of interest to you.

New Kids Party Themes For May

Café Party Theme
I know many of you struggle with ideas for a young teenager, well this party might just solve the problem.

Nursery Rhyme Party Theme
Songs and rhymes are part of a toddlers life. This party is perfect and easy to put together.

Rubber Duck Party Theme
Another great toddler theme that will stop you going quackers in your quest to create the perfect party!

Other News

The other bit of news is that if you are thinking of setting up an internet business or maybe you have a business/website already which is not doing too well, then Site Build (the company I use for my websites) has just made one of it's eBooks FREE. Previously you had to pay $30 USD for it.

It's a brilliant read, not complicated and now it's FREE.

It's called Make Your Words Sell


That's it for now. All the best and as always feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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