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Easy crafts for Kids

As I write this, the snow is whirling around outside and the wind is blowing down the chimney.

I don't want to go outside, the kids don't want to go out either, and our dog has decided that she is not budging from her fireside seat.

It's at times like this when a few activities for the kids to do (so that they don't become immortalised in front of the TV or computer screen), are needed.

I've started to put together a Kids Crafts Page and I've included simple kids crafts that you can make/do at home. How about:

Paper Mache

Gooey Gunky Slime

Edible Honey Dough

How to make a Pinata

Mega Giant Bubble Recipe

These crafts are equally good for rainy (or snowy!) days or for parties.


That's it for now. All the best and as always feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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