Balloon Games

Balloon games for kids are always a hit at a party.

Balloon Games for Kids......Balloons are one of the easiest ways to brighten and liven up a kid's birthday party and balloon games are always a must on my birthday party list.

Top Tip: Some kids are scared of balloons popping so bear this in mind when planning the party games.

Balloon Games

Balloon Pop
This game can be played with 2 or more players and is a great game for a sleepover.
You will need: 
Around 20 balloons different colors. Small party favors that can fit inside the balloons (nothing too big so that it can fit in the mouth of small children). Party favors might be such things as rings, necklaces, earrings, lipsticks, fake tattoos, dollar bills.
Gently insert the party favors into the balloons, blow up and tie. If you put money in the balloons, roll the money up first. 
Rules of the game:
The kids must pop the balloons without using their hands. They then get to keep what was inside the balloon. We had the whole room filled with balloons for my daughter's party and everybody had a blast trying to figure out how to pop them. Everybody will have fun with this one!! I had a blast just watching!
Submitted by Lori Jones, (Flint, Michigan)

Round the Clock
This is one of my favorite balloon games for a group of less than 12 kids. Blow up a large balloon and have all the kids stand in a circle. Give each kid a number 1,2,3,4 etc. but leave out number 12. 
Number 1 starts the game by throwing the balloon in the air and then shouting out "Its X o'clock" (with X being a number). The kid whose number is called, must then rush and hit the balloon into the air before it touches the ground and at the same time must call out someone else number and so on. 
A little twist is that someone can call out "Its 12 o'clock" and in which case, all the kids rush forward to grab the balloon. The person who grabs it, wins a prize.

Balloon Dares
In advance, write some dares on individual pieces of paper and insert them into some balloons. One dare for each balloon. Blow up the balloons and string them in a net from the ceiling. When you let the balloon net go, the kids have to rush to get a balloon and then stomp on it to burst it. Then they have to do the dare inside the balloon.

Balloon Tag
To play this game you will need 3 or more players. Each player gets 2 balloons (blown up) and 2 pieces of string or yarn. Then each person must tie their balloons to their ankles. Then, once everyone has tied the balloons to their ankles, everyone runs around and tries to pop each other's balloons. The last person with at least one balloon (unpoped) still on their ankle wins a small prize (candy bars, inexpensive jewelry, lip gloss, $5, etc.)

Balloon Botts
Line up some chairs (one for each player) and tie a balloon to each chair so that the balloon sits on the seat of the chair. On the whistle blow, each player must rush to a chair and attempt to pop it by sitting on it. The first one to pop the balloon is the winner.

Balloon Hop
This is one of those balloon games which is best played outside where there is plenty of space. Line the kids up on a starting line and give each child a balloon which they must place between their knees. On the whistle blow, the kids must hop to a finish line (you can make the finish line as close or as far as you feel appropriate) without dropping or popping their balloon. No hands allowed!

And for the grand finale of balloon games, how about a balloon pinata. You could try to make your own pinata.

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