Giant Bubble Recipe

This homemade Glycerin bubble recipe makes gigantic bubbles that are super cool

Want to make mega bubbles? Well follow this easy bubble recipe and you will be blowing really cool bubbles!

Bubbles are a great way of keeping a large bunch of kids amused so they are perfect for a kid's birthday party. Definitely do this activity outdoors to avoid mess and staining of floors and furniture.

The big problem with bubbles is how to get those big colorful ones that stay in the air for a long time. Well the secret ingredient for big, strong bubbles is.........GLYCERIN.

What is Glycerin?
Glycerin is a thick, clear, sticky and sweet tasting liquid. You will often see it as an ingredient in homemade cosmetic beauty products such as face cream and soap but it is also widely used in cooking. I use it when making icing for our Christmas cake as it stops the icing from going hard. You can buy glycerin in most drug stores.

Bubble Recipe Ingredients

  1. Washing up liquid - 1 part (many people recommend Joy or Dawn dish detergent)
  2. Soft tap water/ Distilled Water - 15 parts
  3. Glycerin - 1/4 part (available from drug stores)
  4. Large plastic container
  5. Metal coat hanger

How to Make your Bubble Recipe

  1. Gently mix all the liquid ingredients in the plastic container.
  2. Leave it for a couple of hours at least. The longer it sits the better the bubbles.
  3. Create a bubble wand out of the metal coat hanger by bending it into the shape you want (circle, triangle, and square) and allowing for a long piece to be the handle. 
  4. Dip your bubble wand into your bubble mix, remove it and allow any excess mix to drip back into the container. Slowly move the wand through the air in front of you and watch a bubble emerge!

Tip: Your bubbles will last longer if the air is moist. One way to create moist air is to spray water gently in the air using a plant spray bottle.

Now be prepared to be impressed with this video of mega giant bubbles! The kids loved chasing the giant bubbles. Try making some at the next party you host and watch the kids have fun.

Do you make your own bubbles? We would love to know the recipe and how you make the bubbles (coat hanger, sticks and string like in the video, etc.) let us know through our contact page so we can add it.

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