Dress Up Party Games

Dress Up Party Games for Kids

Most kids love dressing up and these dress up party games are fun, easy and take little time to prepare.

These games need some clothes but if you are struggling to let the kids use your best wardrobe items then head to a thrift shop as they are a great source of rags to riches clothing items. 

For kids who like playing character parts, you might also like to incorporate these dressing up games into a DRAMA PARTY THEME which allows the kids to create, dress up and act out their very own play.

By the way, many of these dress up party games have been submitted by you visitors. Click here to submit your game idea.

Dress Up Party Games

Shoe Match
Equipment: Shoes
This game should be played in an open area. Players form pairs. One person from each pair puts on a blindfold. The others then take off their shoes and put them in a pile. On go, the blindfolded players have to find their partners shoes and put them on their partners feet. The players who aren't blindfolded can help guide, but they can't touch their shoes. The first pair to finish wins. Then swap roles and play again.
You could also play this by having everyone take off their shoes and wear blindfolds. Then players can only find their shoes by touch (or smell!). The first one to get their shoes on wins.  
Submitted by Carey, Boston,MA

Look at the Clowns
Equipment: Make up
First set up a table with all the makeup and have everyone sit around the table. It might be easiest to give each child a box with their own makeup items in. The challenge is that everyone has to make themselves up but without using a mirror!. Then they have to tell each other how they each look but the answers must be positive! Afterwards they can take a look in a mirror and have a good laugh. It's lots of giggles and fun. 
Submitted by Travianna N., Atlanta,Georgia.

Dress Up Game
Equipment: Big plastic bag full of random items of funny clothing. 
You make a circle of people and you put on some music. Everyone dances around but when the music stops, they must all sit down as quickly as possible. The last one to sit down then has to take an item of clothing out of the bag and put the clothing on. The game continues until all the clothing is being worn. I love this game and I used it for one of my parties and we had lots of fun and laughing! 
Submitted by Karly

Toilet Paper Dress
Equipment: Four rolls of toilet paper
This is one of my favorite dress up party games. I play this game at my party every year. We have a lot of fun and it is even better if you play it with boys. 
What you do is you make two groups and then each group has to pick one person to be 'it'. Then one group has to leave the room with two rolls of toilet paper and the other team stays with two rolls. Now the person that the team has picked as 'it' has to stand in the middle and the team has to make a dress on that person in 15 min using only the toilet paper. When 15 min. is over then ask your mom or dad to see which one is better. Submitted by Samantha (VV)

Sock Game
Equipment: Socks (lots!), basket
You need at least 4 or more people to play and a basket with lots of socks. When someone says 'Go', you try to put as many sock on as you can. Who ever gets the most socks on wins! 
Submitted by Jade Anne Lee Beckley (Calgary, Canada)

Nail Polish Game
Equipment: Nail polish
Place a bunch of colors of nail polish in the middle of a circle of players. Have the birthday child spin a bottle of nail polish. Who ever the cap is pointing to when it has finished spinning must paint one of his/her fingernails that color. Then that person spins the next color of nail polish and so on. Paint your toe nails as well to make the game last longer. By then end of the game, everyone will probably have some very multi colored fingers and toes.

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