Food Party Games

Food Party Games for Kids

Food party games always seem to go down well at a birthday party. Something to do with the mess and the 'horrible' things that the kids might have to eat perhaps!

These party games are probably best suited to slightly older kids and be prepared for some mess.

By the way, many of the birthday party games on this website have been submitted by you visitors.

I am always looking out for new and fun games so feel free TO SUBMIT YOUR GAME IDEA.

Food Party Games

Frog In A Swamp
Equipment: A large plastic box with a lid, a large bowl full of jelly (green is best) and enough chocolate frogs for how many people are playing the game.
How to play
Before you start mush up all your jelly and put it in the plastic box. Then stick the frogs in (but mix them around so they are actually in the jelly). After that cut a hole in the lid big enough to stick your hand through easily. Finally it is time to play....First everyone should wash their hands with soap and water. Then get everyone to line up behind the box. Then one at a time they must stick there hand in and pull out a chocolate frog. When everyone has had a go the host of the party must eat the jelly!!!!!!!! (optional :))
Submitted by Amy

Feeler ("feel" and then "er")
Equipment: Noodles, plastic bags, different foods
How to play: 
Have an adult make up the noodles and then cut fruit, or any other food and put it into a dark bag where it can not be seen. Have one bag for each food item. Give the players a pencil and paper also a bag of 'not-so yummy' food!. Have them reach in and feel what's inside and then have them write down what they think it is on the paper. At the end, the winner is the one who has the most foods named. "Party Game" "Warning"- Your hands will probably be very sticky or nasty :) but it's worth it!!!!
Submitted by Sorry Nottellin (US)

String Donuts
Equipment: One Donut for every player, clothesline, string for every player
How to play: 
Tie a string to all the donuts. Tie all the donuts to the clothesline at least a foot apart. Arrange every player so that they are each standing under a donut. Instruct the players to keep their hands behind their back. The first person to eat their donut without it falling on the ground or using their hands is the winner.
Submitted by Melanie Williams (N.S.W)

The Gummy Bear
Equipment: Paper plates, whipped cream, gummy bears
How to play: 
Each player sits on their knees in front of a plate of whipped cream with their hands behind their backs. Under the pile of whipped cream is a single gummy bear. On the start, each player has to find the gummy bear as fast as they can with their face. Fun, a little messy, but a favorite!
Submitted by Shelby (Springfield, Ohio)

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