Halloween Party Decoration Ideas

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas for Kids

A huge part of Halloween is the decorations - these Halloween party decoration ideas such as; glowing pumpkins, garish ghosts and spooky spiders will be a big winner.

Below are some easy kids Halloween party decoration ideas that won't cost much to make (if at all) and which are quick to do.

Floating Spirits
Fill white balloons with helium. Then take a small white sheet which needs to be large enough to cover the balloon and to hang down a bit. Hang it over the balloon and then stick some black circles for eyes to the cloth. Float the balloon up to the ceiling and let it waft about. It's best to do this indoors as otherwise your balloons will float off into the night sky!

Dracula's Hand
Stuff a skin colored latex glove with cotton wool so as to make the hand look solid. Paint on torn finger nails and dribble red nail varnish on it to resemble blood. Sit it on a plate surrounded by tasty treats and see who dares to be the first to take one.

Specimen Body Parts
Fill empty glass jars with colored liquid. You can use food coloring for this. Place a plastic body part in each jar such as an eyeball, ear or severed finger. Set the jars up on a long table to look like a specimen lab.

Old Lady Spirit
Using black paper, cut out a large silhouette of an old lady. You can just do it from the waist up and have her side view. Stick the silhouette to your window where passers by will see her. Have the room lights off but have just one small lamp shining behind the silhouette.

Buried man
Using thin plywood, cut out the shapes of 2 hands and a head. Draw a face on the man or if you prefer just make it a skeleton or ghost face. Paint the hands and head in glow in the dark paint. When dry half bury the head and hands in the ground so it looks like the man is half buried.

Using strong cardboard (an old box would be good), cut out a tomb stone shape. Paint it in dark grey paint and then write and inscription on it such as "I'll be back" or "I'm waiting for you". Attach it to a thin stake and place the stake in your lawn.

Make a scarecrow to put on your front lawn. Dress him/her all in black with a big black hat and black cloak.

Halloween Party Decoration Ideas 
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