Hide and Seek Games

Hide and Seek Games for Kids

Hide and Seek games for kids.....

Practically every child likes to play hiding games. They play them in the playground, at school and in fact anywhere where there are nooks and crannies.

What is great about these party games is that they need little, if any, preparation and the kids are pretty good at deciding the rules.

By the way, many of these hide and seek games have been submitted by you visitors. I'm always on the look out for new games so feel free to SUBMIT YOUR PARTY GAME IDEA.

Hide and Seek Games

Piggies In The Pens
This game is for any number of people, inside or outside. One person is chosen as the farmer. The rest are piggies. Each piggie is given a number, like piggie-1, piggie-2, piggie-3 and so on. The farmer then closes his eyes and says, 'Piggies in your pens' and all the piggies have to hide. The farmer must keep his eyes closed for one minute. The farmer then opens his eyes and says piggie number 1, and piggie number 1 has to make an 'oink' noise from wherever they are hiding. The farmer then calls out the numbers of all the other piggies, one by one. Then the farmer has to try and guess where each piggy is hiding. When the farmer guesses where the piggy is, for example, piggie number 1 is in the bathroom, or, piggie number 5 is in the shed, the piggy who was called has to come out. 
Submitted by Zowie Anderson (Melbourne, VIC Australia)

Marble Hunt
Make two teams and then decide which team will go outside and stand for a few seconds. Then take 5 marbles or anything you like then hide them in different places. Then tell the other team to come in and find them.
Submitted by Yusra MIRAJ (Saudi Arabia Jeddah)

Bandit Hunter
This is one of those popular hide and seek games which is best played outdoors where there are lots of good hiding places. One person is chosen to be the bandit and all the other players are bandit hunters. The bandit is given a bag with about 10 small colored balls with numbers on. The bandit hunters close their eyes for 3 minutes whilst the bandit goes off to hide. En route to his hiding place, he should place a colored ball in certain places, rather like leaving a trail. The balls must be placed in any order and should not be hidden but be visible. Then when he has laid all the balls, he must hide somewhere. The bandit hunters must now search for the bandit. However the rule is that they must follow the trail and collect all the balls first and in numbered order. If they succeed then someone else becomes the bandit. If they fail to find all the balls, then the bandit gets another go.

Whistle In The wind
First you choose someone to be the "whistler". The whistler must go and hide somewhere very clever so that it is hard for the other party guests to find them. The other players then try to find the whistler by calling out his name. Every time the whistler hears his name, he  must whistle.... NOBODY can be in a group. When a person finds the whistler they must hide with them and they too must whistle when thy hear the person's name who was originally it. Finally, when one person is left they all sneak up on the last person and whistle in their ear.
Submitted by Makayla York (Paducah, Kentucky USA)

This is a bit like "Hide and Seek", but in this game, only one person hides. Everyone else counts to 100 and then goes off, one by one, to look for their hidden friend. When you find them, you have to squeeze into the hiding place too – like sardines. The loser is the last one to find the others. The loser is the first one to hide next time.
Submitted by Candace Da Souza (Melbourne, Australia)

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