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Indoor Group Games for Kids and Teens

Indoor group games are great ice breakers and brilliant for a crowd. Take your pick at the party games below. Some are better suited to teens but you can adapt most of them to suit the age group.  

The party games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great indoor group party games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Indoor Group Games for Kids

Where the Wind Blows Game

What you need:
Chairs - one for each player (minus one)

How to play:
A set of chairs, one less than the number of players, is arranged in a circle. One player is chosen as "it." "It" stands in the middle of the circle and all other players sit in the chairs. In each round of play, "it" calls out any sentence, beginning with the words: "A cold wind blows for......" that refers to one or more players. For example:

"A cold wind blows for anyone wearing blue." 
"A cold wind blows for anyone whose name begins with 'D'". 
"A cold wind blows for anyone in fifth grade." 

All of the players for whom the cold wind blows — (that is, players that fall into the named category), must get off their chair and attempt to find another seat. At the same time, "it" attempts to sit in a chair. When all chairs are occupied, the person who failed to get a chair becomes "it" for the next round.

Bippity Bippity Bop!

This is a great indoor group game of paying attention. Gather everyone together (preferably have more than 5 people) in a circle. 

How to play:
One person has to be IT. The person who is IT goes up to anyone they choose and says "Bippity Bippity BOP!". The person who IT is talking to, must try and say "BOP" before or at the same time as IT. If the person doesn't say "BOP" quick enough or didn't pay attention so didn't say BOP at all, then they become IT. The IT person can also do other things: They can point/stand in front of or say someone's name and then ask them to do something. They can choose 3 people at a time and whomever is the last one to do it, is IT.
So for example, IT might say to them :
"Charlies Angels" - They must do a charlies angels pose.
"Toaster" - The person must jump up and down whilst the 2 people (next to the jumping person) hold hands. The jumping person is in the middle of their holding hands (like London bridge).
"Blender" - Just like in toaster but instead of jumping up and down they are spinning.
"Moose in a boat" - The person in middle puts both hands up like antlers whilst the 2 people next to him/her paddles.
This Indoor Group Games was Submitted by: Tiffany (Colorado)

Name Game

How to play:
What you do is everyone stands in a circle. Then you must say one of the player's names, for example: 'Kim'. Then Kim must duck and the two people next to her must say the other person's name as quickly as possible. The first person to say it wins! The other person is out!
Keep playing until their are only 2 people left. Then make the last 2 people stand back to back and then take a step away from each other. You then choose a number for example '7'. You must then out loud say a series of numbers. When you say the number '7', then the 2 people must spin around as quickly as possible and say the name of the person opposite them. Whoever says it first wins!
Submitted by: Rudo (Melbourne, Australia)

Ribbit Game

How to Play:
Choose one person to leave the room. This person will be called the frog hunter. Then select one player to be the "frog" from the rest of the group. Bring the hunter back in and blindfold him. The other players all stand round then the frog says "Ribbit" and then all the players, including the frog, takes one step backwards, forwards or sideways. The hunter has to try and work out where the frog is and to catch him. The hunter can move around wherever he likes but the other players can only move one step at a time and only when the frog says "Ribbit".

Cardboard Box Indoor Group Game

What you need:
Empty cereal box

How to Play:
First of you get a cardboard box (better with a cereal box) and place it down on the ground. The players form a circle around the box and one person goes first. The first person has to pick up the box with their mouth without using their hands or leaning on their knees. You only have 3 chances to do so. After everyone has had a go at the first round, you tear off a little bit off the box around the top so that the box is shorter. Then you have another round of picking the box up and each time the box gets lower and lower and harder and harder. If you fall over or can't do it then you are out of the game.

Teen Choice Awards

What you need:
Pen and paper, box or bag

How to Play:
In advance write a category (something nice and positive) on each piece of paper and put them all in a box. 
Best dancer 
Nicest smile
Best actress.

Each player then puts their hand inside the box and pulls out a category. Each player then writes on their paper who they think should win that category. Try to disguise your handwriting so it isn't obvious. Put all the papers back in the box and then someone pulls them out one by one and reads out the nominations. 
This indoor group game was Submitted by: Leanne (England)

Prize Auction

What you need:
Fake money
Items to bid on (candy, makeup, jewelry or anything else that you think the guests will be interested in).

How to Play:
Choose someone to be the auctioneer and the rest of the players are the bidders. At the beginning of the auction, give each player a starting amount of (fake) money. Monopoly money is good for this. The bidder then puts prizes up for auction and all the other players bid using their fake money. The person with the highest bid gets to keep the item. You keep on bidding until you have no money left or all the prizes are gone.

Up and Over Game

To play this game you will need: 
2 rolls of toilet paper
2 or more teams (you will need an even number on each team)

How to Play:
The rules are simple really. All you have to do is not let the toilet paper break. If it does then tie it back on and fast, or the other team will win. To start, form into teams and each team stands in a line. Give each team a toilet roll and starting at the beginning of the line, you hold the end of the paper and pass the roll behind your back and then hand it to the person next to you. They then pass it over their middle and hand to the next person who passes it behind their back and so on. When you get to the end of the line, go back but this time have the last person do the opposite to what was handed them. Whichever is the first team to finish wins. 
Submitted by: Meagan

There are a lot of indoor group games you can play. What's your favorite?

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