Indoor Team Party Games

5 Indoor Team Party Games for Kids and Teens

Indoor Team Party Games for kids and teens. Little preparation is needed but they'll need to keep their wits about them to win!

The party games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great indoor team party games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Indoor Team Party Games

Cat in the Hat Party Game

What you need:
Cat in the Hat Book

Setting up the game:

  • First you must put the chairs in a circle (this is better for a bigger group).
  • Then you grab your guests and put them in 2 lines shortest to tallest - 1 girl line and 1 boy line. 
  • Now You must split them up into 2 teams. Go down the lines and number everyone 1,2,1,2,1,etc. (or you can give them a team name). 
  • Now sit everyone on the chairs. The 1st team must sit on every other chair so the 2nd team can sit between them.
  • Then you will start with one person and go all the way around the circle naming them 'Sallie', 'Mother', or 'Fish'.  
  • After you do this pick one person from team 1 to be in the middle and take their chair out.

How to play:
You are going to read the 'Cat in The Hat' book!!! Say you were reading and you said, "Sallie and I..." those people (that are Sallie) have to get up and run to another seat, same with Mother and Fish.

If you say 'Cat in The Hat' everyone has to move. 

One rule is that you are not allowed to move to the seat next to you, you have to go at least one seat over. And you don't want to be the last one without a chair or you'll get a point for your team and you don't want points. 

Submitted by: Sierra Dean(Georgia)

Pillow Walk

What you need:
Pillows - 1 for each couple playing

How to play:
You have two people stand back to back and then place a pillow between them so that the pillow is between their backs (no hands!).

Have a start and finish line and on the blow of the whistle, each pair has to walk to the finish line as quickly as they can. If the pillow falls, they have to start over.

The team that gets to the end first wins. It can also be done with a balloon (which is more challenging because you can't pop the balloon or you lose).

Submitted by: Melanie (California)

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Napkin Twister

What you Need:
Napkins or tea towels

How to Play:
Everyone gets into pairs and is given a napkin.  A caller will say 1,2,3, or 4. 

1 = One person stands on the napkin on one foot (total 1 foot)
2 = both partners stand on the napkin on one foot each (total 2 feet)
3 = both partners stand on the napkin, one on one foot and the other on two (total 3 feet)
4 = both partners stand on the napkin with both feet (total 4 feet)

If someone falls over then they and their partner are out of the game.

After a few rounds,  get everyone to fold their napkin in half so that it is smaller....and harder to play! Keep calling out numbers until there is only one couple left.

Submitted by: Allie

M 'n' M Straw Sucking

What you need:
M n M's - lots!
2 bowls for each team

How to play:
Divide into two or four teams. Place two bowls about three meters apart - have 2 bowls for each team.

Fill one of the bowls for each team with m'n'ms and give each player a straw.

Set a timer for five minutes. 

When you say "GO", one person from each team sucks an m'n'm onto the the end of their straw and tries to get to the other bowl and drop the M'n'M into it.

If you drop the M'n'M on the way you can not pick it up. Once the first person gets back the next person goes etc.

The first team to transfer all their M n M's from one bowl to the next is the winner.

Follow The Leader

How to play:
One person is sent out of the room and the others select one person to the leader. 

The leader then starts performing a silly action like wiggling their tongue or scratching their nose of which everyone has to follow suit.

At this point the other player is called back to the room. The other players continue the action until the leader switches to something else and then they too must immediately follow suit.

The aim of the single player is to catch who is the leader. He only has two guesses. 

It's very funny to watch especially if the leader continually changes actions and the poor observer is frantically turning round and round to try and spot him.

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