Indoor Party Games

Indoor Party Games for Kids

If you are throwing a birthday party then these indoor party games might be just what you need to keep the kids occupied and having fun.

Many of the birthday party games on this website have been submitted by you visitors. Click here to submit your game idea.

Indoor Party Games

Bang Goes The Smartie
Equipment: Smarties (or m&m's), plate
Sit the kids in a circle and then send one child out of the room. The other kids then choose one smartie to be the forbidden smartie. The child outside then re-enters the room and proceeds to eat the smarties one by one. Alternatively they could put them in a small paper cup to eat later. If they pick the forbidden smartie, all the kids must shout "BANG" as loudly as they can. Then someone else gets a go.

Memory Tray
Equipment: Tray, small household items, pens and paper
Lay out a tray with a selection of small items such as a teaspoon, sharpener, dice, ring, etc. and the cover it with a tea towel. Sit the kids in a circle and give them each a paper and pen. Have the tray in the center of the circle and then remove the tea towel. Give the kids 3 minutes to remember as many items as they can and then cover up the tray again. The kids must now write down as many items as they can remember. The person who gets the most correct, wins the game.

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Tic Toc Time Bomb
Equipment: Wind up egg timer, brown paper bag, paper and pen,bowl
This is one of my favorite indoor party games. In advance, write some simple forfeits on pieces of paper and place them in a bowl. Sit the kids in a circle and have some music playing. Wind up the egg timer (any time less than 2 minutes) and place it in the paper bag. The kids must now pass the bag round the circle. When the bomb (egg timer) goes off, the child holding the bag must pick and perform a forfeit from the bowl.

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True or False Corners
Equipment: Pen and paper, music
In advance write down some true and some false facts, some easy and some hard. For instance: Paris is the capital of France, spiders have 6 legs, a bluebell is a flower, a potato grows on trees. Choose 2 corners of the room and place a sign in each corner, one saying TRUE and the other FALSE. Have the kids dance around to music and when the music stops, you must read out a fact. The kids must then move to the corner they think has the right answer. Anyone who chooses the wrong corner is out of the game. The game then continues until there is only one player left who is declared the winner.

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When the Wind Blows
Equipment: Music
Put on some music and have the kids dance around. Suddenly stop the music and say "When the wind blows...." and the kids have to follow the instructions you give them. The last one to do so is out of the game.
So for example you might say:
When the wind blows UP (Kids must put their arms in the air)
When the wind blows DOWN (Kids must sit down on the floor)
When the wind blows HOP (Kids must hop on one leg)
When the wind blows RIGHT (Kids must rush to the right side of the room)

Eye Witness
Equipment: Variety of dressing up clothes and props, pens and paper.
Explain that there has been a robbery and a suspicious character was seen leaving the scene of the crime. Choose a volunteer to be the villain and take him out of the room and dress him/her in an assortment of clothes. The funnier the better and use props such as a rolled up newspaper, glasses, false moustache. You then announce to the other children that the suspect was seen running away and that they have been asked to give an accurate description of him. As you shout "Police", the villain runs into the room and runs/walks quickly round it (maybe twice if your room is small) and the other children have to memorize what he is wearing. He then leaves the room and the kids have to write down anything that he was wearing or carrying. The one with the most accurate list wins and he becomes the next villain.

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Matchbox Challenge
Equipment: Matchboxes
Split the kids into teams and give each team the sleeve (outer part) of a matchbox. On the blow of the whistle, the first person in each team must put the matchbox on the end of their nose and then pass it on the next team member's nose and so on. NO hands allowed! The first team to pass the matchbox down the line of the whole team is the winner.

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