July 4th Activities

July 4th Activities for Kids

July 4th Activities which are perfect for a kids party.

If you're throwing a patriotic party then you're probably going to need some fun and easy patriotic activities for the kids.

And while your at it, if you need some other July 4th activities ideas, I've got some mega fun JULY 4TH GAMES and loads of JULY 4TH PARTY IDEAS.

July 4th Activities

4th July Party 'Wheely' Parade
Ask the guests to bring something with wheels such as carts, wagons, bikes, scooters plus drums and tambourines and any noise makers. Provide them with lots of streamers, balloons, flags and whatever else you want and get the kids to decorate their wheeled items like "floats". Then do a walk around the neighborhood and give a small prize for the best float.

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patriotic stick

4th July party Parade Stick
You will need:  Doweling baton, Glue Stick, Red, White and Blue Crepe Paper Streamers, Scotch Tape, Scissors
In advance, paint the batons white or get the kids to cover them in white crepe paper. Make sure it is well stuck down, especially round the bottom where sticky hands will be holding them. Using strips of red crepe paper, wrap them diagonally round the baton starting from the top. Cut several lengths of blue crepe paper. Secure the blue strips to one end of the baton and there you have a perfect parade stick.

Decorated Visors
Cool Kids need a cool head when doing all these July 4th activities and these easy decorated visors are just what they need.
You will need: Plain plastic Visor (preferably red, white or blue), Ready to stick foam pieces, Glue
Give each child a visor and let their imagination run riot with the foam pieces. They could either glue on letters for their name, colored stripes for the US flag or just do something abstract.  

Uncle Sam's Hat
In advance make top hats out of strong white craft paper. Check out the video below for some easy instructions. Issue one hat  to each child and get them to decorate them using red and blue paint, marker pens, stickers and any other craft bits and bobs that you have around the house. You could award a small prize for the 'most creative', 'most colorful', 'most decorative' etc ensuring that all the kids receive a prize.

Story and Sing Along
Read a story about independence day and teach the kids some of the original songs such as "Yankee Doodle Dandy," "America the Beautiful" and "The Star-Spangled Banner".

Amazon do a good album called God Bless America - The Ultimate Patriotic Album

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Fireworks Artwork
You will need: Black craft paper, ready mixed water based paint, teaspoons, straws, glitter, lots of tissues and cloths for cleaning up
In advance cover the painting area with old newspaper and make up the paint in bowls. Give each child a large piece of black craft paper and a straw. Place one small teaspoonful of paint on the paper and then the child needs to blow through the straw and onto the paint so that the paint splatters and spreads. Repeat with different colors so that you get a star burst effect. Allow to dry and then pin up their art work for the world to see.
Note: This activity is not really suited to the under 4 year old as they may suck up the paint.

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Design a 4th July Party T-shirt
Buy some cheap white t-shirts and make stencils out of plastic stencil sheeting available from craft shops. Make stars, stripes, letters and any other designs that you like. The kids can stencil on their designs using fabric paint.

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4th July Party Pot
These pots are great as they can be used for all sorts of things such as plants, trinkets, candles and so on.
You will need: 4" terracotta plant pots (one for each child), newspaper or protective covering for your work surface, acrylic paint or emulsion paint (like what you paint your walls with) and some brushes, water based polyurethane varnish (optional).
Protect your work surface with lots of newspaper. Issue each child with a pot, brush and paints and then get them to paint away. When fully dry, cover with a layer of polyurethane varnish to protect it from chipping.

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