July 4th Games

Fun July 4th games for all the kids.

Fun July 4th games for all the kids. All the following games are designed to be easy to set up and for a variety of age groups and they are perfect if you are having a 4TH JULY BIRTHDAY PARTY.

July 4th Games

U.S. History Trivia
This is a good game for the older kids. Gather together lots of facts about US history and split the kids into teams. Each team can be named after a famous US sportsman, politician or monument or the kids can make up their own names. Issue each team with a bell or buzzer and a star chart pinned on the wall. Then fire away with the questions.

As soon as a team thinks they know the answer then they must ring their bell. A correct answer gets a star which they place on their chart. An incorrect answer allows the other team to have a go and they get double stars for a correct answer. If they get it wrong then no stars are scored.

Top TipDon't make the questions too difficult as otherwise the kids get nervous or bored and the game is not fun.

Place the Flag
Split the kids into teams and stand them at one end of the playing area. At the other end, suspend a large piece of florists foam and form a tree or pole – one for each team.

Issue each child with a small US flag and on the word 'Go', a team member must grab his flag, run up to the florists foam and place his flag in the foam. He then runs back to base and another team member goes. If a flag falls out the team member must return to put it in. The first team to place all their flags is the winner. 

Pin The Hat On Uncle Sam
Using strong craft paper, make a template of a top hat and cut out one for each guest. On a larger sheet of paper, draw a picture of Uncle Sam, minus the hat. Let each child decorate his top hat and then blindfolded, he has to pin it on Uncle Sam's head. The child who gets the closest is the winner.

Mini July 4th Olympic Games
If the weather is not wet, this is perfect for getting everyone outside and you can include the adults as well. Think up all the traditional and not so traditional games such as baseball, toss the water balloon, crazy golf, relay race etc.

Divide into teams and issue each team member with a red, white or blue bandanna. Every game won, entitles the team to a flag which they place in a plant pot. At the end of the 'July 4th Olympic Games', the team with the most flags wins and if you like you can present them with a trophy or individual medals.

Pass The firecracker
In advance make a firecracker out of a cardboard toilet roll by covering it with red paper and attaching a silver pipe cleaner for the fuse. Sit the kids in a circle and put on some music. Have the kids pass the firecracker round from one person to the next and when the music stops the child left holding the firecracker has to do a forfeit.

Building The Statue Of Liberty
This is one of those July 4th games needs a bit of preparation in advance.
Collect some children's building blocks and construct a rectangular shape that is roughly the same dimensions as a piece of A4 or A3 paper. 

Tip: lay the paper on the floor first and then lay your blocks on it.

Print off on A4/A3 paper a picture of the Statue of Liberty, making sure the picture fills the paper as much as possible. You will need one picture and one set of building blocks for each team. Mark the paper into squares that are the same size as your building blocks. Carefully cut out each square and glue or scotch tape each square to one side of each block.

Divide the kids into teams and give each team a set of the blocks. On the whistle blow, they have to reconstruct the Statue of Liberty. It is harder than you think! First team to finish wins.

What's not to love about a pinata. Pick one that is relevant to your July 4th games and have a smashing good time!

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