Kid Party Decorations

Kid party decorations are essential for creating that perfect party atmosphere

Kid party decorations are essential for creating that perfect party atmosphere and it's amazing how far a few balloons can go.

The thing to remember is that you don't have to spend a fortune on party decorations. Think of all those scraps, loo rolls and old Christmas cracker hats lying around and what you can do with them. A little imagination can go a long way and what's more the kids will have a great time helping you. MAKE YOUR OWN DECORATIONS and save a fortune.

Make Your Own Kid Party Decorations

At our house, we have a big metal trunk, known as the scraps trunk and my daughter Ellie has a field day making kid party decorations, name badges for her guests, creating food labels and sticking together colored paper for streamers. Here are a few kid party decoration ideas to get those creative juices going:

  • Buy a cheap white paper tablecloth and get your child and/or the guests, to decorate it with felt pens.
  • Make your own party bags using colored cellophane and ribbon. Or try small plain grocery bags that you can decorate with glued on scraps or marker pens.
  • Don't throw away used decorations. Bring them out for the next party - most kids will have forgotten that they had them the year before, especially if you add in the odd new thing.
  • MAKE YOUR OWN PINATA - It's not difficult.
  • Buy in bulk - you can never have too many balloons and it works out much cheaper in the long run.
  • If you see a particular store/cinema display that will match your party theme, ask the store if they will let you have it when they have finished with it. Often they just end up in the bin, so why not grab them first.
  • If you are on a budget, it is amazing how balloons can add a whole new look to the scene and they are not expensive. Buy the biggest you can and cluster them rather than putting individual balloons around the place - it is much more effective that way.
  • Create your own party banners using cheap drawing paper. 

Here are some good deals on party decor for your kid's party if you want to save a little time. Spending a little on balloons and streamers will make a special party for them to remember.

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