Kid's Water Games

Got a birthday party? These kid's water games are wild, wet and dripping with fun.

Fun kid's water games to cool them off.....

If it's hot outside and you've got a bunch of kids to amuse, well you can't get much better than some wild and wet birthday party water games.

Make sure you have lots of space, don't mind getting wet and have lots of towels :-)

Kid's Water Games

Pop on Pop
Equipment: 2 willing adults, 2 large empty plastic pop bottles, 2 buckets, water, paper cups. Oh yes and some big towels for the adults!
This is one of my favorite kids water games. Split the children into two teams and assign one adult (preferably a dad) to each team. The adults sit on the floor holding an empty bottle on top of their head. When the whistle blows, each team has to rush to a bucket of water, fill up a paper cup with water and then rush back and pour it into the bottle that sits on their 'pops' head. The game continues until one of the pop bottles is full or when 'pop' feels totally drowned!

Tug of War
Equipment: Long rope, rubber duck, paddling pool with water
Divide the kids into 2 teams and stand each team either side of the filled paddling pool. Tie a rubber duck to the middle of the rope and have the rope centered over the paddling pool. On the whistle, each team picks up their end of the rope and tries to pull the other team over into the pool.

Water Sponge Relay
Equipment: Sponges, buckets, water
Divide the kids into 2 teams and give each team a bucket of water and a sponge. At a set distance away, set up another bucket for each team (with no water in). On the whistle each team member has to take it on turns to load their sponge with water, race to the empty bucket and squeeze as much water into it as possible. Then they run back to their team and anther member has a go. After a set time (say 5 minutes), see which team has managed to squeeze the most water into their bucket.

Pool Slider
Equipment: Large and long sheet of plastic, paddling pool with water, water guns, washing up liquid.
Lay out the plastic and smear it with a little bit of washing liquid (not too much as it will be too slippery) and then spray on a little water. Divide the kids into teams and give each team a selection of water pistols. A member from each team then has to race against each other to see who can be the first into the paddling pool. The must go on all fours and crawl along the plastic sheet towards the pool as fast as they can whilst the members from the opposing team shoots water at them to try and slow them down. The kids could run along the plastic (if they can!) but you are risking have a few injuries that way. First one in the pool, gets a point for their team.

Water Balloon Toss
Equipment: Filled water balloons
Divide the kids into pairs and give each pair a water balloon. On the whistle the first person in each pair, throw the balloon to their partner with the aim of not breaking the balloon. If they are successful, then the both take a step backwards and away from each other. Then they throw the balloon again. The games continues with throwing and stepping backwards. if the balloon breaks then the pair is out of the game. The winners are the last pair standing with an unbroken balloon.

Balloon Bat
Equipment: Filled water balloons, bat
Choose one person to be the bowler and another to be the batter. The other kids line up at a safe distance from the batter. The bowler then throws a water balloon at the batter who has to try and hit it so that it breaks. If the batter succeeds, he becomes the next bowler. If he fails, then he goes to the back of the line and someone else has a go trying to hit the balloon.

Musical Showers
Equipment: Lawn sprinkler
This is one of my favorite kids water games for younger kids. Have the kids stand in a line near the sprinkler. Put on some music and one by one the kids have to run and jump over the sprinkler (turned off). Then suddenly, stop the music and turn the sprinkler on. Whoever is standing over it, will get a good sprinkling.

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