Make an Easter Bonnet

Here's how to make an Easter bonnet - the easy way!

Most little girls just love to dress up and these Easter bonnets will surely put a smile on their face especially when they have made them themselves. They are cute, easy and perfect for an EASTER PARTY.

In fact these Easter bonnets are not just for girls as with a few tweaks you can put a boyish twist on them. Think about adding animals, action figures, colored sashes or anything else that the boys would feel comfortable with.

Skill: Easy

What you Need to Make an Easter Bonnet

  • Large strong paper plate
  • 30 inch length of ribbon
  • Hole punch
  • Strong glue
  • Hat decorations e.g. feathers, paper/dried flowers, bows, lace, glitter, paints, stickers, chicks,

How to Make an Easter Bonnet

  1. With the plate upside down, mark a point in the center. From the center point, draw 6 lines so that you have created 6 roughly equal segments.
  2. Now cut along these lines but stop a couple of inches short from the edge of the plate.
  3. Punch two holes in the rim of the plate and opposite each other.
  4. Thread the ribbon through one hole, along the top of the plate and down through the other hole.
  5. Now, using your imagination, decorate the bonnets making them as bright and creative, as you like.
  6. When all the glue items are fully dry, your beautiful Easter bonnet is ready to wear!

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