Mexican Fiesta Party Games and Activities for Kids


Olé it's fiesta party time and that means it's time for some Mexican fiesta party games and activities!

Tie these fiesta games and activities in with a Mexican Fiesta Theme and you are onto a winner.



Jumping Beans

Add this game to your list of fiesta party games for the younger kids and it will ensure that they use up a lot of energy.


Explain that a Mexican jumping bean has a type of caterpillar pupa inside and that when it gets warm, the caterpillar starts to twitch and fidget which makes the beans jump.

Put on some Mexican music and get the kids to jump about like the beans but when the music stops, everyone has to stand very still.

Any 'bean' caught twitching is out and can then be your helper in spotting the next twitching bean.


Pass the Sombrero

A bit like 'pass the parcel' but instead the kids have to pass a sombrero. Sit the kids in a circle, put on some Mexican music and get the kids to pass round the sombrero. Each time it is passed to them, they have to place it on their head for a second. When the music stops, the kid wearing the sombrero is out of the game or he has to do a dance in the middle of the circle.

La Pirinola

This is a well known traditional Mexican game popular among all ages using a Pirinola (6 sided spinning top).

Sit the kids in a circle on the floor and give each of them 10 beans or candy. Each kid must put 1 token in the middle of the floor and then they take it in turns to spin the pirinola. They then have to follow the instructions on the pirinola which might be:

Take 1, (the player takes 1 tokens from the middle of the circle)
Take 2, (the player takes 2 token)
Put 1, (the player puts 1 token in the middle of the circle)
Put 2, (the player puts 2 token)
Take All (the player takes everything from the middle of the circle)
All Put (everyone places a token in the middle of the circle


If there are only 2 tokens left in the middle then all players must add another token to the pile. Keep taking turns until a player has collected all the tokens and wins.

Bean Blast

Give each child a set number of kidney beans (any big dried beans will do) plus a straw and a bowl. On the blow of the whistle, the kids have to use the straw to suck up a bean and then place the bean in the bowl. First one to suck up all their beans and place them in the bowl is the winner.

Mexican Kick Ball

This is a traditional game played in Mexican villages and is a great fiesta party outdoor game for teams and large groups of kids. The aim of the game is for each team member to kick a ball (no hands) around an obstacle course and the first team whereby all its members fully complete the course is the winner. Set the obstacle course to reflect the age of the kids. It could involve going round logs, tables and chairs, up a slide, around a tree, through a tunnel, kicking over a low net, through a paddling pool and so on.


Tip: Give each team a colored badge or sash to wear in red, green or white.

Spanish Word Game

Give each child a list of Spanish words - they should all have the same words. The aim of the game is for the kids to guess the meaning of each word and whoever guesses the most correctly is the winner.


Tip: Try not to make the words to difficult and pick ones that have some sort of link to English words e.g. bicicleta (bicycle), camello (camel), delicioso (delicious).



With all the fiesta party games listed here, everyone will have a lot of fun.


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Here are a few activities to go along with the fiesta party games.

Painting or coloring paper plates

Choose bright colors for the paints and once dry, you can then hang the plates on the wall or string them into a big banner. This activity should be done at the beginning of the event so they have a chance to dry.

Maraca's painting

Get two empty plain white paper cups and half fill one with dried beans. Tape the two cups together around the open ends so you have a sort of rattle. If you have any wooden BBQ skewers, insert one into the end of one of the pots. The let the kids go to town with paints and marker pens in decorating their very own maracas which they can take home with them.


Alternatively you could buy some ready to paint maracas which the kids can decorate.

Mexican Flowers

Mexicans love flowers and what a better way to start off than by making fiesta flower garlands to hang round the room.


In advance cut out circles or squares of colored tissue paper. Give each child 2-3 pieces of paper that they place one on top of the other. Carefully pinch the layers in one go in the center and secure with a twist tie. Then open out the different layers to reveal a beautiful multicolored flower.

Learn some Mexican Dance moves

A Mexican Fiesta is all about music and dance so teach the kids how to do the Mexican hat dance or the Macarena dance.


A pinata is the ultimate when playing Mexican fiesta party games. Having a pinata is something the kids will have a lot of fun with. Especially when they finally break it open and get to eat all the treats that explode from it. If you think the kids are going to have to many sweets, you can always fill it with small toys that match the theme.


If you fancy being adventurous, then have a go at making your own.

How to make a pinata 
How to play the pinata game




With all these fiesta party games and activities, you should have lots of things for the kids to do.