Painted Glass Craft

painted glass

This Painted Glass Craft makes a brilliant party activity for the older kids or you could make them as gifts yourself to give to others.

This is a fairly easy kids craft but as glass is involved you probably want to do it with the over 8 year old kids just in case. We've painted glass plates, drinking glasses and glass jars but really you could use any glass object that you wish.

Skill: Medium
Time: 30 minutes

Painted Glass Craft - What You Need

  • Glass plate or glass jar/cup (we used those ones that come filled with Nutella)
  • Colored glass paint and brush
  • Gold glass outline pen or tube
  • White paper
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Pencil

Painted Glass Craft - How to Make

  1. On the white paper, use the pencil to draw a simple design. Make sure the design is the right size to fit on the side of the glass.
  2. Using double sided tape, stick the paper to the inside of the glass with the design facing outwards so that you can see it through the glass. If you are using a glass plate, then stick the design to the top of the plate (the side you eat from), so that you will be painting your design on the underside.
  3. Using the gold glass outline pen, paint the outline of your design onto your glass and allow to fully dry. Read the instructions on the product that you are using for drying times.
  4. Now use the glass paint to fill in your design and again allow to dry fully.
  5. Important: Read the manufacturers paint instructions about how to set the paint and whether it can go in a dish washer.

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