Pirate Party Theme

Pirate Party Ideas for Kids. Here you'll find a treasure trove of Kid's Pirate Party Theme Ideas

A pirate party is one of those birthday party themes that never seem to go out of fashion.

What's more, it is very easy to implement and suits boys and girls. This is definitely a favorite kids party theme of mine.

So scroll on down for some fabulous kids party ideas...

Pirate Party Invitations

Ahoy there matey!
Ye be invited for a swashbuckling birthday bash 
that's set to ride them seas  and have a Jolly Roger of a time. 
Get set to hoist the rigging at (address)
And me galleon sets sail at (time + date)
Make sures ye wears yer kit 
or be prepared to walk them planks.
Sees ya there me hearties..….Aaarrrggh!

Here are some of my favorite pirate invite ideas:

  • Put the invites in plastic milk or juice bottles. Soak off any old labels and attach your own picture of a skull and crossbones.
  • Soak plain white paper in coffee. Let dry and then carefully burn round the edges. Write on your party instructions using black ink, roll up in a scroll and seal with a blob of red play-dough.
  • Give each party guest a pirate name on their invite such as Captain Jake Sparrow, Bootstrap Bill, Peg Leg Pete, First Mate XXX, Blackbeard XXX, Jolly XXX, Fearsome XXX, One-eyed XXX.
  • Draw a simple map of your street or neighborhood. Put a X to mark your house then add familiar places and give them pirate names such as Bootstrap Bakery, Hangman's Hill, Jolly Roger Junction.

Pirate Costumes

Most kids will no doubt come dressed as pirates but for those who don't, make sure to have a few pirate accessories to hand.

You could either make some pirate hats (video instructions below) or hand out some pirate accessories such as colored head scarves, eye patches and plastic swords.

Pirate Party Decorations

  • Draw a parrot on strong card. Cut it out and color it and hang it on your gate or door to welcome the pirate party guests.
  • Put up loads of red, gold, and black pirate balloons. Make some flags and hang above the doorway.
  • Paint a piece of old wood saying, " Property protected by pirates! Enter at your own risk!" and place by your front door.
  • Stick posters of pirates around the room.
  • Write pirate words or phrases on large pieces of white card and stick around the room. e.g. 'Ahoy there maties', 'Shiver me timbers', 'Heave to'.
  • Cover the party table with a white disposable cloth and draw on large map of the seas. Alternatively grab a Treasure Map Plastic Table cover which is perfect for sailing them sarnies. 
  • Make a center piece for the table by decorating an old lidded box to look like a chest and fill with plastic trinkets and gold chocolate coins.
  • Crumple up a large piece of paper and burn slightly round the edges. Draw on it a large map of islands and countries. Make up strange place names such as 'Dead-Mans Den', 'Creeky Cavern', 'Bootleg Bay'.
  • Cover the table with fish netting and place plastic fish and sea shells amongst the party food.
  • If you are feeling really adventurous, make a cave or pirates den out of large cardboard boxes or wood and bits of netting. Cover with a large piece of tarpaulin or cover with grey paint. Put a torch lantern inside and a few wooden stools or barrels.

Pirate Games

Ready to walk the plank or pan for gold? Then sail this way for some swashbuckling PIRATE GAMES & ACTIVITIES.

Pirate Food

Give the pirate food, piratey names. Write the names on paper flags and place them alongside the food.

  • Golden Nuggets 
    Place fried chicken nuggets in a large bowl or basket
  • Kebab Cutlass 
    Thread fruit on plastic sword shaped picks
  • Sea Dogs 
    Serve hot-dogs skewered with a jolly Roger paper flag
  • Booty Burger 
    Hamburgers filled with lettuce and some mustard and/or slices of cheese
  • Pieces of Eight 
    Round Cookies (bought or home-made) and covered with yellow frosting
  • Galleon Grog 
    Any fruit juice served in tin mugs
  • Island Floaters 
    Milk shakes or lemonade topped with a scoop of ice cream
  • Pirate cake 
    Make the birthday cake using a Pirate Ship Cake Pan or make some pirate cupcakes like these submitted to us by one of our visitors.

Pirate Favors and Prizes

Pirate favor ideas could include:

  • Small pirate figures
  • Pirate tattoos
  • Pirate swords, hats and eye patches
  • Inflatable parrot
  • Golden pieces of eight
  • Necklaces, bangles and trinkets

If you haven't time to shop here are a selection of goodies to buy on-line.

Did You Know.......

Jolly Roger Flag

The Jolly Roger Flag with its black background and skull and crossbones has been feared for centuries, symbolising the wicked pirates of the sea. 

However as a pirate, it was the red flag that was feared the most as it meant no mercy would be given and no prisoners taken. It was battle till death! The name Jolly Roger is thought to have originated from the French pirates who would often fly a red flag know as the "Jolie Rouge".

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