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Throwing Games for Kids

I'm a butter fingers but I still like to play throwing games!

Catch and throw party games are very popular and I love them as they are so easy to organise and are great if you have a large bunch of kids. They are best played outdoors where you have plenty of space.

By the way, many of these throwing games have been submitted by you visitors. Click here to submit your game idea.

Throwing Games

Bouncing Ball
Equipment: Ball, wall, 6+ players
Divide the players into 2 teams and then pair up the players from opposing teams so that everyone has an opponent standing next to them. Flip a coin to see which team starts. A player from the starting team bounces the ball on the wall and all the players must try to be the first to catch it before it hits the ground. If the ball drops to the ground, it must be kicked back at the wall (NO use of hands) and the teams must try again to catch it. Whichever team catches the ball scores a point and gets to throw the ball next. If the ball goes out of play, the team that touched it last loses a point. The team with the most points at the end wins.

Candy Corn Catch
Equipment: Buckets, candy corn
You first divide into 2 teams. Choose one person in each team to be the catcher and tape a "Halloween bucket" on to their waist. Stand the other team members a certain distance from the bucket and give each team a certain amount of candy corn. They then have to throw it into the bucket. Whoever gets the most candy corn in the bucket wins.
Submitted by Tara (Iowa)

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Cards in the Hat
Equipment: Two packs of playing cards, hat (or bucket)
This is one of those throwing games that is not as easy as it looks. You will need 2 packs of cards (make sure each pack has a different back) and a hat. Split the kids into two teams. Place the hat on the floor and stand each team about 2 meters from the hat and opposite each other. On the count of three, each team member takes it in turns to attempt to throw a card into the hat. It doesn't matter that both teams are throwing at the same time as it adds to the fun. When all the cards have been thrown, count the ones that have landed in the hat. Each card from two to ten counts as one point. The Royal cards and the aces count as two points each. This game is surprisingly difficult so you could adjust the distances and the size of the hat.

French Cricket
Equipment: Tennis ball, cricket bat
Have one person be the bowler, someone else to be the batter and the rest are all fielders. The aim of the game is for the bowler to hit the batters legs with the ball. The batter must hold the bat so that it is touching the floor and close to their legs. the thrower starts off about 10 feet away and throws the ball at the batters legs with the aim of hitting them. The batter however must not move from the spot they are standing on but uses the bat to shield his legs and must also try and bat the ball as far away as possible. The fielders must then try and catch the ball before it hits the ground. If they succeed they become the next bowler. If the ball touches the ground, a fielder must throw the ball back to the bowler who must then remain on the spot from where he caught the ball. From the spot he is on from where he caught the ball, he then tries again to hit the batters legs. If the batter gets hit on the legs by the bowler, then the bowler becomes the next batter.

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On the Spot
Equipment: Soft ball
Have one person be the thrower and the rest are all 'spots'. Decide on how big you want the playing area to be. I would suggest not too big as the thrower will have difficulty catching anyone. The thrower closes his eyes for 10 seconds whilst all the 'spots' run around the playing area. When 10 seconds are up, the thrower shouts 'freeze' and all the 'spots' must stand still. The thrower must then throw the ball at one of the 'spots' with the aim of hitting them. If he succeeds then the spot is out of the game. If he misses then whomever the ball lands closest to becomes the thrower. At this point there is no need to start from the beginning of the game but just keep on playing until there is only 1 spot left. That person is the winner.

Piggy in the Middle
Split the kids into 2 equal groups and have them standing opposite each other about 10 feet apart. Pick one player from each group to be the 'piggy' and the piggies must stand in the open space between the 2 groups. Give one group a ball and they must try and throw it over the heads of the piggies and to the opposing group. However the piggies have to try and catch the ball if they can. If they are unsuccessful, the ball continues to be thrown. However if they catch then ball then the person who threw it also becomes a 'piggy' and goes into the middle. The game continues until there is only 1 person left on each side and they are the winners.

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