Truth or Dare Games

Truth or Dare Games for kids

Truth or dare games........Do they dare to tell the truth or will they be squirming in their seats telling little porky pies?

These fun truth or dare games are always popular with kids. They need a little preparation in advance but they are not complicated and are always fun!

By the way, many of these truth or dare party games have been submitted by you visitors. Click here to submit your game idea.

Truth or Dare Games

Balloon Chits
Equipment: Balloons, paper and pen, needle.
Tear the paper into small strips and on each piece write a dare (chit). Roll up the paper and place one chit in each balloon. Blow up the balloons and tie. Each player then has to choose a balloon and burst it with the needle. Then they have to do whatever dare is written on the paper they find inside their balloon.
Submitted by Ishmeet Lotay, Nairobi, Kenya

Fortune Teller
Equipment: Pen and paper, bowl
Before the party write some random statements on individual pieces of paper. For example : When the weather is hot... 
In a hot air balloon...
Only if you ask... 
Put the pieces of paper in a bowl. One person asks a question about their future. Another person picks a piece of paper without looking. They then read the answer out loud so the other person can hear it and  that is the true answer to their question about their future.
Submitted by Mizzy (Westlinn Oregon)

Glove Game
You only need: Packet of rubber gloves, a pad of paper, a pen, a pack of pins and a CD player.
Heey guys I'm 11, almost 12 and me, my mum and my sister made this game up! I play it every year at my birthday party - it's always great fun! 
Preparation: Write on a small piece of paper a dare, then put it in a rubber glove and blow the rubber glove up. Then tie it like a balloon. Make about 15-10.
How to play: Get the children to sit/stand in a circle, and pass out about 8 balloons randomly to children and press play on the music. When the music stops the children with the balloons grab a pin from the pack in the middle. and pop it. Whatever their dare is they have to do, NO CHICKENING OUT!
Submitted by Emily Varley (Adelaide)

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