Water Balloon Games

Wild and wet water balloon games for kids and teens.These party games are huge fun for cooling off outside.

Water balloon games are always a hit (literally!) and these party games are going to get everyone wet and wild.

The games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great water balloon games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones gets published on this website!

Water Balloon Games

Water Balloon Tag

What you need :
Water balloons, People!

How to Play :
One person is 'it'. That person will only get 5 water balloons to throw max. His/her goal is to try and tag someone by throwing the water balloon and hitting them with it. If they do hit someone, the person they hit is now 'it'. The new person that is 'it' will get another 5 balloons to throw. If the person fails to hit someone within their 5 balloons, they lose and must sit out of the game. Last person standing wins!
Submitted by: Jackie (Vail, AZ, USA)

Water Balloon Tennis

What you need :
10-20 filled water balloons, tennis racket.

How to Play :
First fill up all the water balloons ( regular balloons with water in them work better than actual water balloons). Have one person be the pitcher and everyone else starts off with 3 points. Then its pretty much like baseball. Have the hitter just swing the tennis racket to hit the balloon as hard as they can. Try to take pictures of the balloons popping mid air. If they miss or fail to break the balloon, then they lose a point. Once you have lost all your points then you are out of the game.
Submitted by:  Rachel Sasiene (Houston, Texas )

Water Balloon Volleyball

What you need:
Blankets or sheets
Water balloons

How to Play:
Split teams up with at least 4 people per team. Using two large bed sheets or blankets (one per team), have the teammates hold the sheet on corners, etc. Starting with one water balloon, use the sheet to launch the balloon over to the other team. The team must catch it in the sheet and not let it burst. If they are successful they get a point. As the other team launches the balloon back over to your team, have your teammates loosen up their grip on the sheet so the balloon doesn't bounce off. 
Submitted by: Haley Wallace (Florence, Tuscany, Italia)

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