Blindfold Games

Blindfold games such as Blind shooter, Blind man rush, 4 corners and more. Brilliantly disorientating and brilliant fun!

Blindfold games are very popular at a kid's birthday party. Maybe it is the element of excitement that the kids really enjoy. So if you want some great party games, scroll on down.

Top Tip:  younger kids can be a bit scared of being blindfolded so use your discretion.

Blindfold Games

Blind Guide 

What you need: 
Blindfold, item to hide

How to play:
Have someone leave the room while you have another kid hide something (like a ball).

Now, the kid outside the room is blindfolded and then brought back into the room.

All the players must now give verbal clues to the blindfolded person to help them find the object.

When they find it, they have to guess who hid it.

If they are right, that kid goes next. If not, they get to be blindfolded again.

Submitted by Emma (Grapevine, TX)

Blind Shooter

What you need:
Small soft balls or ping pong balls, bowl.

How to play:
Place a blindfolded person in the middle of the playing area and give them a bowl with the balls in.

The other players quietly move around the room.

The shooter must then shout "STOP" and everyone must stand still.

The shooter must then throw the balls with the aim of hitting someone.

If the shooter successfully hits someone with a ball, then the 2 players swap places.

Submitted by Jordan

----- Blindfold Games -----

Blindfold Drawing Game

This is one of those blindfold games which is great for all ages and can be easily modified. I played it at my 12th birthday last year :).

What you need: 
All you need is a group of kids, some paper and a pen, and a blindfold.

How to Play:
Pick something for the kids to draw (like a house or a cat).

Blindfold a child and hand them a pen. They then need to draw whatever you said to draw.

Give a prize to the kid who has the neatest, craziest, and most creative drawing.

Submitted by Kyra (Yukon)

----- Blindfold Games -----

4 Corners

What you need:
Blindfold, a room, minimum of 20-30 people to make the game fun.

How to Play:
Have one kid standing in the middle of the room with a blindfold on; make sure he/she can't see anything.

Give the other children 5 seconds to run to any one of the 4 corners (you have to label where the corners are e.g. corner one is on the top right of the room).

Once everybody is in their corner, then the person wearing the blindfold has to pick a corner and everybody in the chosen corner is out.

The last person out gets to be the new person to wear the blindfold.

----- Blindfold Games -----

Harold and Gertrude

What you need:
Old newspaper, blindfold.

How to Play:
If action blindfold games are for you, then this is a winner.

Choose two people to be Harold and Gertrude.

Blindfold Harold and give him a rolled-up newspaper.

Place him in the middle of the circle of children who are holding hands.

As the children move around in a circle (they can walk or run), Harold shouts out "Gertrude" and Gertrude must answer "Harold". Harold must try and find her by the sound of her voice and to tap her with the newspaper.

Of course as the circle moves, Harold will probably end up bopping the other children but they must try and avoid getting bopped by accident.

If they are bopped they are out of the game.

Once Harold finds Gertrude, the party game starts again.

----- Blindfold Games -----

Cherry Drop

What you need:

How to Play:
One child is elected to be the cherry tree, he is blindfolded and stands with his arms and fingers outspread like branches.

The other players are the cherries on the tree and they each grab hold of part of the branches.

The cherry tree then says "Are you ready?" When the cherries shout "Yes", the cherry tree counts to ten as fast as he can whilst the cherries run from the tree.

When the cherry tree gets to ten, he yells "Cherry drop!" and all the cherries have to stop running and stand still.

The blindfolded cherry tree has to then find and touch all the cherries.

The last cherry to be gathered up is the winner and becomes the next cherry tree.

----- Blindfold Games -----

Blinded Hide and Seek

What you need: 

How to Play:
This game is for 6 or more players and should be played outside and/or in an open area.

To play, choose one child to wear a blindfold.

Then, they have to wander the room in search of another player.

Then could also be spun around a few times first so they are disoriented and they don't know where they are.

Once they touch someone, they have to guess who they found.

If they are correct, the kid they found gets to be blindfolded next. If they are incorrect, they get another chance to find someone.

However, if the blindfolded player is wrong a second time, s/he can choose anyone else to be blindfolded next.

Submitted by Maddie (Chicago, IL)

Bat Catcher

What you need: 

How to Play:
To play this game, you need about 6-10 players and an open area inside or out.

First, pick one person to be the bat and another player to be the moth.

The bat shouldn't know who the moth is, so you might want to have her leave the room while you pick the moth.

The rest of the players are trees. They make a circle and stand still.

Now, the bat is blindfolded and brought into the circle. The moth can now come in the circle.

The bat says echo and the moth says prey. If the bat comes near a tree, then they say tree. When the bat tags the moth, the bat becomes the bat and a new moth is picked. Play until everyone has had a turn.

Submitted by Ally (Brooklyn, NY)

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