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The "Honey, I love you" game has several versions but here are a couple submitted by teens. It is a great birthday party game for teens and great for a big group.


The games below were submitted by visitors, so if you have a great "Honey, I love you" party game SUBMIT IT. The best ones get published on this site!


This game is very popular among older teens and gets quite a bit of laughs. It can be played pretty much anywhere, but is funniest at a party with a large group.

First, you arrange yourselves in a circle, with one person standing in the middle. To start the game, the person in the middle walks up to a person in the circle and says "Honey, I love you...will you please smile for me?" The person in the circle must respond by saying, "Honey, I love you too...but I can't smile for you."

Pretty easy, right? Wrong. Here's the catch.

If either person smiles or laughs, he/she is out. If both people make it through without smiling or laughing, they switch places. The person who was in the middle steps into the circle and the person in the circle moves to the middle.

The game continues until two people are left. Then, it is your choice whether you want them to become "Honey, I love you" champions, or have them battle it out until somebody cracks up.

Using high-pitched voices, exaggerated facial expressions, or awkward approaches, are good ways to make the other person laugh.


Submitted by: Shelley (Dublin, Ireland)


Everyone sits in a circle and you pick one person to be the one in the middle. This person picks someone on the outside to try to make laugh or smile, and they can do anything to try. The person on the outside does everything they can to keep a straight face for a count of 15 seconds. If they still have a straight face after this time they say "Honey, I love you, but I just can't smile". They also have to say this without bursting out laughing. The person in the middle has to go to another person and the game continues until they finally successfully make someone smile or laugh.

Submitted by: CA