Pinata Rules - How to play the Pinata game


I love playing the pinata game at a birthday party. Learn these simple pinata rules for a 'whacking' good time!

You can get pinatas pretty much any where now a days. They have them for every occasion and every shape and size.

There are also a lot of people who make their own because they are pretty easy to make. Find out how to make your own pull string pinata here. Or make a traditional pinata here.



  • Pinata filled with sweets/trinkets
  • Blindfold
  • Stick or baseball bat
  • Somewhere to suspend the Pinata
  • Plenty of space


  1. Using the instructions that came with your pinata, attach the Pinata to a tree branch, beam, climbing frame or any other suitable hanging place.
  2. Place the Pinata at a height that will allow it to swing freely and where the guests can reach it with the stick.
  3. Line the children up at least 10 feet or so from the Pinata.
  4. Blindfold the first child and give him the stick.
  5. Bring the hitter within about 3 feet of the Pinata and ask him to try and hit it with the aim of breaking it. Older kids could also be turned round a couple of times on the spot so that they are a bit disoriented. This makes it harder for them to know where the pinata is.
  6. Each child then gets a turn or possibly several, to try and hit the pinata. I normally find that the children are a bit unsure and timid at first but once they get the hang of it, there is no stopping them!
  7. Pay Attention : Don't let the children who are waiting in line move forward towards the hitter, as a blindfolded child with a swinging bat can be pretty dangerous.
  8. As soon as the Pinata breaks open and the treats shower down, the children can scramble to pick up the goodies.
  9. It can turn into quite a scramble which can be a bit frightening for the younger children, so make sure that you have a bit of control over the scramble and that everyone gets their fair share of the treats.