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These space party games will have the kids floating in space, hunting aliens and searching for moon rocks.

So take your pick from the outer space games below and be prepared for a galactical good time!

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Black Hole

Equipment : Cardboard box, black spray paint, string, multiple Frisbees


How To Play: Create a black hole by spray painting a large box black. Hang it from the ceiling or somewhere outside so that the opening is on the side. Have the kids try to throw the Frisbees into the black hole.  The person to get the most Frisbees in the hole wins. If you don't have any Frisbees you can use paper plates, although you may want to add a piece of play dough in the middle of each one to make them a bit heavier.

Hunt the Alien

Equipment : Toy alien, paper and pen, green counters


How To Play: Kids seem to be fascinated by alien-related party games. In advance hide a toy alien somewhere outside. Not far from the alien lay a trail to show that the alien is near. The trail could be small green counters on the ground. You could also lay one false trail leading to a piece of paper with a cross on it. Split the kids into small teams and tell them that an alien is hiding and it's their job to locate him. To do so they must first locate the trail (green counters) which will lead them to the alien. Beware of the false trail though!

Solve an Astronomical Mystery

Equipment : 'The Disappearance of Mr George' printable escape room kit


How To Play: 'The Disappearance of Mr George' involves your party investigating the mystery of a missing person, Mr George. Can you crack his space-themed puzzles and solve the mystery before it's too late?

This printable escape room game is super easy to run for your party and scales to any number of players (simply divide them into groups and print off one copy of the game for each group). Just download the game, print it off, and play!

Check it out for yourself here.


Moon Rock Hunt

Equipment : Small rocks, glow in the dark paint or silver foil


How To Play: Paint some small rocks with glow in the dark paint. Then hide the rocks in a dark room and have the kids collect as many rocks as they can.

Alternatively, if it' s not dark enough or you don't have glow paint then you could cover the rocks in silver foil and play the game with the lights on.

Moon Walkers

Equipment : Empty large tin cans, string, obstacle course


How To Play: Clean out some empty tin cans – 2 cans for each team/child. Carefully make 2 holes in the bottom equidistant from each other and then thread a 2 meter long piece of string through both holes and then tie the ends. You should now have a tin can with a large loop of string about 1 meter long. Have the kids step onto the cans (1 for each foot) and hold onto the loops of string. Then they must walk around an obstacle course as quickly as possible. If in teams, have each team member do it and the first team to complete the course is the winner.

Floating In Space

Equipment : Cotton wool balls, bowls, spoons, blindfold


How To Play: Divide kids into pairs or teams. Give each team a bowl full of cotton wool balls plus an empty bowl and a spoon. Blindfold a member of each team and on the word "GO" they have to see how many balls they can transfer from one bowl to the other within 30 seconds. It is very funny to watch because the cotton wool balls are so light that they are not sure if they are picking any up or not.


Bowl the Alien

Equipment : Bowling pins or empty plastic fizz bottle, alien clip art pictures, colured markers, scotch tape, rubber balls


How To Play: Have the kids create their own alien bowling pin by coloring in some alien clip art pictures. Stick the finished aliens to the bowling pins or plastic bottles and then partially fill each bottle with sand in order to weigh them down a bit. Line them up and have the kids roll alien rocks (rubber balls) at the pins to see how many they can knock down.

Landing on the Moon

Equipment : Paper and paint or colored markers, blindfold, sticky tape


How To Play: In advance, create a poster with several planets and stars on it (including the moon) and make some paper astronauts (one for each player). Blindfold each player in turn and give them an astronaut to see if they can place their astronaut on the moon. Whoever 'lands' their astronaut on the moon is the winner.

Space Hop Race

Equipment : Space hoppers (one for each team), obstacle course


How To Play: Set up an obstacle course outside. Split the kids into teams and have them take turns hopping around the course and then back to the start line. Then the next team member goes. The first team to have each member complete the course is the winner.