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This is where you'll find tons of fun, exciting and original teen party game ideas!


The majority of them have come from teenagers themselves.

The games below include groups, teams, food, boy-girl, action, murder and loads more.

Pair them up with a one of these themes and some special food, then you are bound to be onto a winner.


Here is a special submission by one of our readers. Try playing it at your next big event!


First you choose someone to be the "whistler".The whistler must go and hide somewhere very clever so that it is hard for the other guests to find them.

The other players then try to find the whistler by calling out his name. Every time the whistler hears his name, he must whistle.... NOBODY can be in a group.

When a person finds the whistler they must hide with them and they too must whistle when they hear the person's name who was originally it. Finally, when one person is left they all sneak up on the last person and whistle in their ear.

Submitted by Makayla York (Paducah, Kentucky USA)



Escape rooms are booming in popularity at the moment, and it's easy to see why. They bring people together to crack interesting puzzles, play fun party games, and use creative thinking to conquer an engaging challenge. And guess what, you can easily run one of these games in your own home!

Using paper, everyday items, and imagination (or just a printable kit) you can set up a thrilling escape room game in your own home.

Read this article for more information on how to host the ultimate house party your teens will not soon forget!



  • Most of the list above can be adapted to suit your theme, number of people or the age group. Use your imagination and see what you come up with.
  • Most of the teen ideas here are quick and simple and need very little set up so no need to rush out and buy extra stuff.
  • And if you think that balloons and tag are for little kids, well think again! Balloon can be riotous among all age groups. And they are cheap.
  • Remember to play fair, don't do anything unsafe and be respectful of everyone who is playing.
  • Playing food games can be a lot of fun but remember that some people have allergies so maybe ask everyone that is coming if they have any allergies, just to be safe.
  • If you have any great games that you know will be a hit at teen parties, then please let me know. You all have some great ideas! Submit yours below.


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