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These Boy & Girl Party Games are best suited to tweens and teens. They are great for a crowd and for getting to know each other better!


The games below were submitted by visitors so if you have any great Boy & Girl Party Games or in fact any other birthday party game, then why not SUBMIT IT. The best ones get published on this website!


What you need:
2 bowls - the girl's names are in one and the boys in the other.


How to play:
You know what they say "ladies first"! The girls pick a name from the boy bowl, and then the boys pick a name from the girl's bowl. If anyone gets a match they are out (ex. if Eric gets Emily and Emily gets Eric). Put all the names back in the bowls and repeat. Keep playing until there is one couple left. They must then throw a dice and depending on the number they get they must:

1. Kiss each other's hand
2. Hug each other very tight for 5 seconds
3. Tell each other who they truly love (be honest people) or
4. If they are comfortable kiss each other on the lips
5. Do nothing
6. They can choose from the above


Submitted by: Katie (USA)


What you need:
You'll need a deck of cards or a student ID card, or credit card.


How to play:
This game is used in a group of boys and girls. Sit everyone in a circle alternating boy-girl-boy and so on. You place the card on your lips and inhale, and then you pass the card to the person next to you. You continue this until someone drops the card and kisses the person next to them. The person who dropped the card is out. The one next to them starts the game again. This continues until there are only two people left. These two people can then pick the person in the room that they would like to kiss, and that is their prize 🙂


Submitted by: Allison (Walnut Creek, Ca, US)



What you need:
Pen and paper, bowl


How to Play:
Write all of the girls' names down on a piece of paper and number them. On separate pieces of paper, write down the numbers. Place them in a bowl. Blindfold each of the girls and place them in a line in the order of the numbered sheet. Have each boy from the party pick a number out of the hat. Once they find their girl, the boy must hug the blindfolded girl. Then the boys move away and the girls take off their blindfold. The girls have to then go up to the boy who they think hugged them.

If they guess correctly then they stay in the game. If they guess incorrectly then the girl is out of the game. Play another round although this time, you will have more boys than girls as some of the girls will be out of the game. This means that not all the boys will get to pick a number but the girls won't know which boys so it makes it even harder to guess who hugged them! Continue play until only 1 girl is left.


Submitted by: Lauren (California)


What you need:



How to play:
Everyone sits in a circle except for one person who is standing up and is blindfolded. One person leads. The leader has to point at someone in the circle and then says to the blindfolded person, "Do you want that one?" The person has no clue which person in the circle it is, but they must say "Yes" or "No". They can only say "No" 3 times.

If you are chosen, the first time you stand up you get a hug, second a kiss on your hand, third kiss on your neck, fourth kiss on your cheek, fifth kiss on your nose, sixth kiss on your lips - but you can edit this and add more. After you have had your hug or kiss or whatever, you then become the next person to be blindfolded.


Submitted by: Amy-Lou (Brighton)