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Our race car theme party games are fast, furious and fun! So take your pick from the race car party games below and be prepared for a racing good time.


The following are mostly team games. When a team wins they are given a number of points which can be marked on a leader board. Alternatively, they could win a wheel or car sticker to place by their team name on a board. Total up the number of stickers at the end of the party and present small trophies or badges to the team with the most points.

If you haven't quite decided on a party theme, make sure to checkout the RACE CAR THEME page where you'll find ideas for food, activities and decorations for your kid's party.

Hot Wheels

What you need: Rubber tires
Split the kids into teams and give each team a rubber tire. Pick a size and weight that is suitable for the ages of the kids. Each team player takes it in turn to push their tire along a marked track and back again. The first team to finish wins.

Bouncy Racers

What you need: Inflatable double slide, table, party popper
Hire a bouncy double slide and have the kids race down. At the bottom they must pick up a flag and then race to place it on a podium. When each team member has done this and placed all their flags on the table (podium), then the captain must race to fire the party popper. The first team to do this wins.

Musical Pit Stop

What you need: Colored flags, music
This game is similar to musical chairs. In advance prepare a number of different colored flags (4 or 5 will do). Place these around the room and on the floor mark out an area with chalk, cushions or tape. Don't make it too big. Put on music and get the kids dancing. When the music stops, shout out a color such as "Yellow Pit Stop" and all the kids have to rush over to that area. The last one to get into the colored area is out.


Pit Stop

What you need: Sandbox, Lego/Duplo, colored pens, paper
Divide the kids into teams and each team elects a pit stop leader and the others are his crew. In advance hide a set number of Lego/Duplo pieces in a sandbox. On a piece of paper use drawings to show the kids what pieces/colors they need to make a car. The pit crew have to race and find the required number of pieces and the pit stop leader then has to use them to build a car. The fastest team wins.

Find the Flag

What you need: Checkered flag
Teams must race to find the checkered flag. Depending on the kids ages, give them clues/rhymes as to where it might be.

Ramp Racers

What you need: Toy cars, race ramp made from things in your garage
If there aren't too many kids, buy a mini hot wheel racer (or any small toy car) so there is one for each child. In advance set up a mini racing ramp. You could create this out of plastic piping set on a slope or a piece of wood propped up to create a slope. Each kid dips his hand into the bag and selects a car (no peeping!) and they get 3 goes to let their car race down the ramp. Which car will travel the farthest? The kids love this game yet it is so simple.

Pin the Wheel On the Car

What you need: Craft paper, coloring pens, strong card paper, something to tack to the wall, a blindfold
This game is simple but fun. Draw a big car on some craft paper and stick it to the wall. Also draw a wheel on a strong piece of card. Blindfold each child and spin them around a couple of times and then get them to try to place a wheel on the car.

Conquer the Cones

What you need: Traffic cones, tennis ball, bat
Create 2 lines (with a few twists and turns) using traffic cones. If you can't get a hold of any cones, make some by wrapping orange and white crepe paper around any suitable shaped object such as an upturned waste paper basket. Also place a checkered flag in the ground equidistant from each team. The teams are each give a tennis ball and bat. With the ball on the ground they have to push it around the course using the bat and then back again. Once each team member has had a turn they then race to grab the checkered flag. The first team to get the flag wins.


A piñata is always a hit at a birthday party, especially if the crowd is more boisterous and needs to release a bit of energy. There are quite a few car piñatas around, such as this one from Amazon that would go with the race car theme.